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How to Launch an Aptos Node Quickly & Easily

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Oct 17, 2022

You can easily launch an Aptos node today by contacting our sales team here in Blockdaemon.

This includes support for full nodes and validator nodes. Upon receiving your request for a full node, our team will manually deploy Aptos infrastructure on your behalf.

Once Blockdaemon’s team of blockchain engineers has deployed your node, your Technical Account Manager will contact you with your specific connection credentials.It’s easy to connect to your Aptos infrastructure via a RESTful endpoint, with all of the steps outlined in our expert Aptos documentation.

Want to hear more about how Blockdaemon can help you with your Blockchain journey? Contact us today to chat more about our blockchain solutions, or read on to get a closer look at what’s new.

Our documentation and support teams are here to guide you at every step of the way. By choosing Blockdaemon to host your Aptos node, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reliability: Extremely strong, reliable Aptos node uptime
  • Support: Expert customer support, on-hand to answer your questions or queries
  • Outsourcing: Outsource the time, effort, and expertise it takes to maintain your node 24/7
  • Affordability: Quality service at an affordable price
  • Exclusivity: Your node is yours alone. Don’t rely on public Aptos infrastructure, which can come under heavy loads from various sources, instead choose Blockdaemon for dedicated access to the Aptos network

To learn more about launching your own, exclusive Aptos validator node, contact Blockdaemon directly. Read on to learn more about Aptos, and the benefits of choosing Blockdaemon as your Aptos node provider of choice.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a high-performance layer 1 blockchain, built on the principles of scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability.

It has been developed over three years by over 350 developers internationally. It brings to market new and unique innovations in protocol consensus, smart contract architecture, security, performance, and decentralization. According to the Aptos whitepaper, it aims to combine these elements to offer a fundamental building block in the mass adoption of Web3. The Aptos blockchain provides a flexible and modular blockchain architecture, supporting frequent updates, rapid adoption of advancements in tech, and quality support for new and emerging use cases.  

What is an Aptos Full Node?

An Aptos full node (also called “public full node”) allows you to broadcast transactions to, or query data from, the Aptos blockchain.

For a small monthly fee, Blockdaemon will give you the endpoints and keys to your own node. Contact Blockdaemon today to start.

An Aptos full node operates a client, which replicates the transaction and blockchain state from network validators or from other full nodes in the network. A client is run to submit transactions or query the state and history of the Aptos blockchain. Aptos allows multiple full node synchronization strategies. For example, Aptos full nodes are able to process all transactions from the beginning of the blockchain, or skip the blockchain history entirely, to synchronize only the latest blockchain state using waypoints.

Why do you Need an Aptos Full Node?

If you are building an Aptos dApp or need rapid and frequent access to on-chain data, then running a dedicated Aptos node could provide a number of benefits. These include:

  • Aptos Scalability: Benefit from Aptos’ extremely high throughput and low latency through a batched, pipelined, and parallelized approach to transaction processing
  • Aptos Security: The Aptos ecosystem provides services for transaction pre-execution: a precautionary measure that describes to users (in human-readable form) the outcomes of their transactions prior to signing. Pairing this with a known history of prior attacks and malicious smart contracts helps reduce fraud
  • Aptos is Developer Friendly: Aptos makes it easy for developers to build consumer-ready applications through a best-in-class implementation of Move, tested and hardened over three years. New features such as tables and fine-grained storage support large datasets (e.g. millions of NFTs) efficiently

How to Stake Aptos?

Aptos staking is possible by running a validator node or, later on, staking to a validator node.

Aptos validators receive staking rewards for performing their duties, which they then split between themselves and their respective stakers.

Aptos Staking Facts:

  • Validators decide the split between themselves and their respective stakers
  • Rewards are distributed to validators and stakers at the end of each epoch
  • Any validator with sufficient stake can freely join the Aptos blockchain.

Don’t miss out on staking rewards. Blockdaemon can help you stake on Aptos today.

Contact us to learn more.

What is the Aptos Consensus Mechanism?

Aptos validators receive and process transactions from users using a byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT), proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Validators continuously stream batches of transactions to one another, using all available network resources concurrently.Validators are either active or inactive. Active validators participate in consensus, while inactive validators do not, due to insufficient stake, exclusion from the validator set, or poor historical performance.

Aptos validators run DiemBFTv4 as the consensus mechanism. According to the Aptos whitepaper, Aptos leverages the latest iteration of DiemBFTv4, an optimistically responsive BFT consensus protocol. Since 2019, this consensus mechanism has been extensively tested in several iterations of incentivized tesnets, with dozens of node operators and a multi wallet ecosystem.

The team’s experience building and deploying the Diem blockchain (the predecessor of Aptos) over three years has shown that the network can maintain upgradability, without client disruption.

The Challenges of Hosting Your Own Aptos Node

When it comes to the deployment of a full, or validator, Aptos node, your hardware, software, and network connection must satisfy certain requirements. Additionally, the process of running and maintaining blockchain nodes requires regular support and maintenance and frequent updates.

This all adds up to significant time, effort and financial investment.

Launch An Aptos Node Today

Don’t wait, get started with Aptos today by connecting with our team here in Blockdaemon.

Fill out your details to get started with your exclusive Aptos node today!

How to Connect to Your Aptos Node

Once you have launched your Blockdaemon Aptos infrastructure, there are multiple ways to use these to connect to your node/cluster.

Check out this How to Connect to Aptos guide where we cover the following simple methods of connection to your infrastructure:

  • Aptos REST Connection via cURL (Bearer)
  • Aptos REST Connection via cURL (X-Auth-Token)
  • Aptos REST Connection via cURL (auth URI)

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