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How to Launch an Aptos Node in Under 3 Minutes

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Feb 13, 2023

Now, you can deploy an Aptos full node through a simple user interface in less than five minutes through the Blockdaemon app, with no code required.

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For a monthly fee, Blockdaemon will give you the endpoints and keys to your own node. This is easily accessible through the Blockdaemon app.

The Aptos blockchain is a powerful, secure, and scalable platform for the next generation of decentralized applications. Unlock the full potential of Aptos with Blockdaemon’s dedicated nodes.

To launch an Aptos node quickly, simply:

  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Choose Aptos in the node offerings page
  • Choose your node hosting preferences, including region, and cloud provider
  • Launch your Aptos node

Follow the steps above to get started. To learn more about the benefits of choosing Blockdaemon for your Aptos node, read on…

How to Get High Aptos RPC Speed with Blockdaemon

The Aptos blockchain enables extremely high throughput and low latency through a batched, pipelined, and parallelized approach to transaction processing.

However, a high performance blockchain needs high performance infrastructure.

Enter Blockdaemon. Through a combination of hardware, software and networking expertise, we've developed our unique Crypto Optimized Infrastructure for networking transactions with enterprise-grade speed. Blockdaemon is the only provider with 10 cloud and data center partnerships, which gives us the ability to deploy in over 70 points of presence.

Geo-Specific Aptos Node Infrastructure

You'll want your Aptos node to be located as close as possible to where most of your customers are based geographically, so that it can offer them the best connections when communicating with other nodes on the network (this is called "latency"). The closer you can get this number down without sacrificing performance (eg “uptime”) or cost effectiveness, then the better chance you have at attracting new users!Our geo-specific deployments ensure that you get low latency when accessing Aptos data from other nodes on our network, which helps improve performance and reduce costs. This is crucial for the many applications built on Aptos, such as gaming, trading, and payments. It also sets the stage for a future where blockchain development is driven by high-performance nodes that can handle large amounts of data without compromising security or privacy.

By leveraging our expertise in high-performance infrastructure, we're able to create a powerful bedrock for companies looking to build on Aptos.

Our goal? To enable developers and businesses alike to take advantage of a secure, scalable and highly performant platform for building decentralized applications, on Aptos.

How to Get Dev Friendly Aptos Infrastructure

Aptos is developer friendly. So is Blockdaemon’s Aptos infrastructure. Aptos makes it easy for developers to build consumer-ready applications through a best-in-class implementation of Move, tested and hardened over three years. New features such as tables and fine-grained storage support large datasets (e.g. millions of NFTs) efficiently.

With our developer friendly infrastructure, you can count on Blockdaemon to manage your nodes while you focus on building great products. We'll handle everything from node setup and monitoring, to upgrades and security patches. You don't need to worry about your servers at all - we'll take care of them for you.

  • No need to worry about maintaining the Aptos node software: Our team is responsible for keeping all of our software up-to-date and patched, which means you'll always have access to the latest version of any tool we're using on your servers
  • No need to manage servers: Instead of worrying about server management, we'll provide the infrastructure for you. You only need an internet connection

If you are building an Aptos dApp or need rapid and frequent access to on-chain data there is no need to manage servers, infrastructure or updates with Blockdaemon’s dedicated full node.

How to Get Secure Aptos Node Infrastructure

While self-hosting an Aptos node is an exciting endeavor, it's not without its challenges. First, there are the costs associated with hosting and maintenance: you'll need to pay for bandwidth, storage space, and server hardware.

Then there are security concerns - you'll need secure access to your data center or datacenter location so that no one else can access it without proper authorization. Finally, there's the complexity of managing infrastructure when you're also trying to build applications on top of that infrastructure!

With Blockdaemon, you get turnkey, secure-by-default Aptos infrastructure.

Blockdaemon Crypto Optimized Infrastructure is engineered for maximum security:

  • Our bare metal nodes use only the best data centers and are ISO 27001 certified.
  • Your nodes are safe, with 50+ terabit DDoS protection - this ensures bad actors can’t take your nodes offline
  • Our cloud nodes are decentralized across 10 top-tier hosting partners with institutional-grade security, including Google, Amazon and IBM

Our scalable and redundant Aptos infrastructure operates with 99.9% uptime.Blockdaemon is also ISO 27001 certified - we meet the highest compliance standards. Your security is paramount.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a high-performance layer 1 blockchain, built on the principles of scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability. It has been developed over three years by over 350 developers internationally. It brings to market new and unique innovations in protocol consensus, smart contract architecture, security, performance, and decentralization. According to the Aptos whitepaper, it aims to combine these elements to offer a fundamental building block in the mass adoption of Web3. The Aptos blockchain provides a flexible and modular blockchain architecture, supporting frequent updates, rapid adoption of advancements in tech, and quality support for new and emerging use cases.  

What is an Aptos Full Node?

An Aptos full node (also called “public full node”) allows you to broadcast transactions to, or query data from, the Aptos blockchain. An Aptos full node operates a client, which replicates the transaction and blockchain state from network validators or from other full nodes in the network. A client is run to submit transactions or query the state and history of the Aptos blockchain. Aptos allows multiple full node synchronization strategies. For example, Aptos full nodes are able to process all transactions from the beginning of the blockchain, or skip the blockchain history entirely, to synchronize only the latest blockchain state using waypoints.


We provide the easiest and fastest way to deploy Aptos blockchain infrastructure. You can deploy a full Aptos node in minutes, without having to manage servers, worry about security and uptime. Scale your nodes as needed.

Today, we’ve made it easier for businesses and developers to connect to Web3, through seamless Aptos node deployment.

If you’re looking for an easy way to deploy your own Aptos node infrastructure, the Blockdaemon app is for you. Our user-friendly platform allows you to get started with Aptos in under three minutes.

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