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How to Connect to Base with Blockdaemon

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Feb 28, 2023

Blockdaemon is proud to support Base with industry-leading blockchain infrastructure.

That’s why today, we’re announcing Base support on Blockdaemon's API suite platform.

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users to Web3. Start building on the Base testnet with the Blockdaemon's Data API suite today and stay tuned for the mainnet launch in the months ahead. Infrastructure is the bedrock of every blockchain. High-quality API access is the foundation of a decentralized community of builders. It is the pillar on which developers build winning dApps.

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Now, we at Blockdaemon will allow the Base community to leverage our leading blockchain infrastructure to drive the success of Base in the Web3 ecosystem.

Specifically, we will be supporting the Base community with access to reliable and secure API and node infrastructure offerings. With this support, Blockdaemon aims to add value to Base by improving network health, driving decentralization, and fostering community growth/dev adoption. The API suite is a powerful and flexible suite of blockchain APIs that allows users to query blockchain data and broadcast transactions across a variety of blockchains, including Base — all without operating or managing nodes.

With our API suite, you can get on-demand access to 22 protocols, 99.9% uptime, dedicated sales and technical support, and 24/7 on-call incident support. The API suite solves the operational costs and inefficiencies from running and maintaining self-hosted Base infrastructure for a business.

Why Developers Choose Base

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network, offering a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build dApps onchain.

Built by Coinbase, which has 110M verified users and $80B assets on platform in its ecosystem (as of 12/31/2023), the project is set to offer seamless Coinbase product integrations. Through our API suite, we open Base up to a large, engaged community of builders and users.

Base is positioned to be one of the best places for developers to build onchain for the following reasons:

  • Secured by Ethereum: Base is built with the security and scalability you need to power your decentralized apps. It leverages the underlying security of Ethereum, along with Coinbase’s best practices, to enable you to confidently onramp into Base from Coinbase, Ethereum L1, and other interoperable chains.
  • Low Fees: Experience all the benefits of the Ethereum Virtual Machine at a reduced price, quickly integrate gasless transactions into your applications with convenient developer tooling, and ensure high levels of security when connecting to Ethereum Layer 1.
  • Open Source, Community Driven: Base aims to be a decentralized, permissionless platform that is freely accessible to anyone. With the collaboration of Optimism, Base is now part of the open-source OP Stack with an MIT license. By joining Base, developers become part of an ever-growing community.
  • Empowered by Coinbase: Base makes it easy to build decentralized apps with access to Coinbase’s products, users, and tools. Seamless Coinbase product integrations, easy fiat onramps, and powerful acquisition tools enable developers to serve the 110M verified users in the Coinbase ecosystem.

Why Choose the Blockdaemon API suite to Build on Base?

The advantage with Blockdaemon's API suite is that it’s easier for those who aren’t familiar with Base’s node infrastructure to get started.  The API suite offers advantages to Base builders and institutions in 3 main ways:

  1. Speed and Minimal Cost: Immediate access to high-quality blockchain data without the need to operate or self-host Base infrastructure.
  2. Scalability: Includes RPC Access, and other specialized APIs, with up to 10 API keys provisioned on API Gateway.
  3. Reliability: On-demand access, dedicated sales and technical support, and 24/7 on-call incidence support for enterprise clients - all with 99.9% uptime.

This API for Base is best suited for institutions that work directly with and support this new protocol. The suite’s native RPC access gives teams fast and flexible sources of data on Base, without the costly infrastructure upkeep and operational expenses.

The API suite native access for Base was built by developers for developers. We abstract the complexity of building on-chain Base dApps by providing the most reliable infrastructure in Web3. With a 99.9% uptime, our service gives builders the best options for launching dApps on Base.The result is a better and more efficient operational experience for builders.

How to Connect to the Base Blockchain

Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a Free API Key

Click here to learn how to get a free key in 60 seconds. This grants access to the Blockdaemon API suite. Note:The Data API suite Starter tier is free to test for a period of time. To discuss usage volumes and pricing options, contact sales.

  • Call Endpoints

Using an API client (such as Postman), call your desired Base endpoints, including your desired protocol (Base) and network in the URL. For a full overview, view instructions on Blockdaemon’s documentation site.

  • View Returned Data

You can view the returned on-chain data through a single API.

Choose Blockdaemon for Business & Operational Efficiency

Choosing the API suite enables institutions to unlock a new level of focus and operational efficiency — spending time on the cost-effective and valuable tasks that add the most to the bottom line. This suite helps unlock your business by:

  1. Remaining Competitive: A blockchain API helps you remain competitive in a fast-growing industry that allows you to rapidly add support for new protocols, such as Base, as required without needing to make massive investments or changes to your infrastructure.
  2. Remaining Agile: Blockchain APIs can deliver unparalleled speeds to your end-users through your application.
  3. Retaining Robust Infrastructure: A great API service provider implements all protocol updates on your behalf while ensuring that service remains consistent. You never have to manage node updates again!

Start Building Today

The API suite is simple to integrate into your tech stack, reducing the amount of time to begin cutting costs, saving developer time, and streamlining operations for building on Base. Getting on-demand blockchain API access to Base gives users the flexibility needed to focus on what matters most, with guaranteed uptime.  

The Blockdaemon API suite is able to give faster and more agile access to Base, allowing users to query data more efficiently and overall build better applications by focusing on development. The Blockdaemon API suite today offers a solution to offload self-hosted nodes and their expensive operational cost, letting your business save development time, streamline operations, and build for the future - on Base.


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