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How to Choose The Right Ubiquity Service

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Sep 8, 2022
The Ubiquity API suite connects builders to Web3 and is now more flexible than ever. Ubiquity is now available in three price tiers, catering for different usage and demand.

The Ubiquity API suite connects builders to Web3 and is now more flexible than ever.

Ubiquity is now available in three price tiers, catering for different usage and demand. You can now choose the perfect Ubiquity tier option to suit your needs and start building winning blockchain apps.

The three Ubiquity tiers are:

  • Free
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

Whether you’re a freelance dev, crypto startup or large scale enterprise, Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity tiers offer the right service for everyone.

It only takes a few seconds to get started, just select your Ubiquity tier via the Blockdaemon App. However, we understand that you might need a little help choosing between tiers.

This blog will guide you through the different options and help you choose the perfect Ubiquity tier for your needs.

What Is Ubiquity?

In order to choose the perfect Ubiquity tier, it’s important to understand what Ubiquity can do, and how it can best serve you.

Ubiquity is a powerful and flexible blockchain API suite. You can use Ubiquity to query blockchain data and broadcast transactions, without operating or managing nodes.

The Ubiquity API suite includes:

  • Native RPC Access: Enterprise grade infrastructure providing RPC access to thirteen protocols
  • Universal API: Simplified blockchain access to fourteen protocols with one set of APIs to build from
  • NFT API: Single interface to view events, collections, and transactions across the NFT ecosystem
  • Specialized APIs: A suite of purpose built APIs for specific tasks across multiple blockchains

What Are Compute Units?

Ubiquity tiers are based on the number of compute units used. Every Ubiquity API method across each API consumes Compute Units.

Compute Units are a measure of the computing cost of each Ubiquity method. For example, eth_protocolVersion carries a low compute cost. Conversely, eth_estimateGas is more intensive computationally, giving it a higher cost.

Each Ubiquity method is allocated a number of Compute Units. Users will only pay for what they use, meaning no overpaying for low Compute Unit methods.

Transaction Category & Associated Compute Unit Costs

XS = 1

S = 3

M = 5

L = 8

XL = 21

Egress = Custom

Batch Queries =Custom

By weighing each method, Blockdaemon can best match developers with the right level of service they need.

The Ubiquity API Dashboard allows you to easily keep track of your Compute Units usage over time.

Which Ubiquity Service Should You Use?

Choosing the right tier will largely depend on the methods and protocols you’re using most.

Ubiquity Free ($0 per month)

A gateway into the world of blockchain data.

The free tier is ideal for individuals who would like to test the Ubiquity service, without the commitment of a monthly subscription.

Ubiquity Free supports 15M Compute Units per month - this equates to 3M ‘M’ level transactions - with 25 requests served per second. However, there is no service level agreement (SLA) in place at this level, and no access to customer support.  

Ubiquity Growth ($400 per month)

Perfect for small to medium sized users.

Such clients could include early startups, custodians, and consultancy firms.

This middle tier option offers 250M monthly Compute Units per month - this equates to 50M ‘M’ level transactions. At $400 per month, it offers an affordable service, serving 200 requests per second with a strong 99% uptime SLA.

Users enjoy access to Blockdaemon’s standard support portal, with less than 48 hour in response time.

Ubiquity Enterprise (Custom Pricing)

Built for power users.

This tier is perfect for enterprise clients who need institutional levels of infrastructure and support. These include trading desks, banks, and large crypto native applications.

This top tier option delivers a tailored solution for enterprise users, including custom SLAs for business needs.

Enterprise clients benefit from a dedicated technical account manager and Slack channel. As a customer, you can expect robust and reliable support with less than 24 hour response time, to give you confidence in our Ubiquity service.

Ubiquity Enterprise delivers high availability, redundancy, and performance guarantees.

Why Use Ubiquity, Blockdaemon’s API?

Ubiquity’s tiered pricing model offers easy and scalable blockchain access, with transparent usage and pricing accessible as in-app self-service.

Start using Ubiquity to benefit from:

  • Flexibility: Flexible price plans based on your usage requirements
  • Transparency: Public, transparent pricing with self-service checkout. No hidden costs or fees
  • Granularity: Blockdaemon’s in-app Ubiquity dashboard delivers granular reporting on Compute Units used over time. This allows you to calculate data requirements, overages, and manage your limits  

Whatever your needs, Ubiquity is here to serve your on-demand data access today.

To get started with Ubiquity today, log in to the Blockdaemon app.