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How Blockdaemon Can Accelerate Your Speed-to-Market Strategy

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Jan 11, 2022

Time is a vital ingredient in building any winning blockchain based product or service.

However, the time it takes to build, maintain and manage any crypto based project is a major bottleneck for many teams. The time it takes to deliver something to market can be the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, Blockdaemon is here to help. By outsourcing your blockchain infrastructure to us, we can help free up this most precious resource. This helps you accelerate your speed-to-market strategy and save costs doing so.

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By channeling your time into building excellent offerings, you can rapidly respond to the market.

In this post, we’ll explore the importance of speed-to-market for blockchain based offerings. We’ll show you how Blockdaemon can turbo-charge your speed-to-market.  

Why is Blockchain Speed-to-Market Important?

Speed is a competitive advantage.

First or early movers often take the spoils of trends as they arise. Beyond that, companies who react to market demand the best tend to thrive. While it’s often difficult to predict what the next wave of customers will demand, it’s imperative to be ready to react to needs as they arrive. Agility is a virtue in such an environment. Below are two reasons speed-to-market in blockchain is critical.

  • Market share: Swift companies capitalize on trends and customer demands before others. This often leads to a first-mover advantage, which acts as a competitive moat.
  • Customer demand: Product is the cornerstone of any great brand. Exciting customers with new products is vital. Being nimble and responsive to a client base is key for retention.

How Does Blockdaemon Accelerate Speed-to-Market?

Blockdaemon provides the launchpad for business speed-to-market. This means helping customers seamlessly scale while minimizing downtime.

  • Blockdaemon’s turnkey blockchain scaling solutions

For blockchain businesses that experience strong growth in a short space of time, it is very impractical to scale physical node operations in-house. Raising enough capital to swiftly deploy such infrastructure in-house to support a surge in new users is equally difficult. Need proof? Service outages across popular blockchain platforms is a common occurrence during a bull market, which is equivalent to a power cut at a big retail store on Black Friday. This is often the result of infrastructure not able to meet demand.

This is why we have built our services: to easily allow customers to spin-up nodes when needed and to spin-down nodes when they are not needed. This lets customers scale up at the click of a button when they need it most and not have to worry about scaling engineers internally to maintain infrastructure.

  • Minimizing overheads

Blockchain businesses must prepare their infrastructure for that potential wave of customers that could occur at any moment, while managing the associated costs and overhead. Rather than absorbing the costs themselves, we free-up overheads from companies’ balance sheets.

By taking away the burden of managing data centers, engineering time and maintenance costs, we accelerate speed-to-market for our clients.

  • Speed with security

We believe that speed should not sacrifice security. That is why our security-first approach delivers excellent service without compromising safety. This is paramount to our customer success. Clients and delegators are highly unlikely to lose money with us, even at scale and speed.

This is because Blockdaemon’s nodes are fault-tolerant, with high-traffic nodes including redundancies to handle high amounts of traffic, which ensures a node failure does not result in a drop in service. Blockdaemon also uses the highest-standard key management procedures possible.

Blockdaemon: Accelerating Your Speed-to-Market

We alleviate the big lifts that institutions face to access staking and node management. These include having the right hardware, keeping nodes up-to-date, ensuring constant monitoring and uptime, avoiding slashing and more. All of these need to be executed at a gold-standard level, or real money can be lost.

We provide a white-glove proof-of-stake solution that takes care of these on a client’s behalf.

This simplifies the process greatly. An institution doesn’t have to worry about large overheads to join the proof-of-stake space. This cuts costs and provides enormous value. If you’d like to accelerate your speed-to-market, reach out to us today to get started!


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