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How B2C2 Maintains a Dependable Blockchain Service with Blockdaemon

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Nov 3, 2021


Trading firms are crucial access points to crypto assets for institutions, allowing fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading.

These services require undisrupted access to a wide range of protocols.

One such firm, B2C2, is an international trading firm for institutions to buy and sell crypto assets. Founded in 2015, it is now the most trusted crypto liquidity provider and the counter-party of choice in the institutional crypto markets.​​ Headquartered in the UK, with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, they are trusted by banks, brokerages, exchanges and fund managers globally to provide 24/7 liquidity. Their services are critical for institutional investment in cryptocurrency.

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As an industry leading cryptocurrency trading firm, having enterprise level infrastructure to support blockchain based technology is essential. As B2C2 hosts multiple blockchain networks, robust node support for each one is needed. This robust infrastructure helps deliver the trading experience clients know and love. Delivering on B2C2’s high uptime requirements for public blockchains is key.  

B2C2 pride themselves on a battle-tested service, regardless of price or network upgrades in the market. To achieve this, they needed the right tech provider to support their services. It was exactly this need for enterprise level protocol support across multiple blockchains that impelled B2C2 to seek a trusted infrastructure partner. This partner needed to deliver the level of service they required as a major participant in the institutional crypto markets.  Furthermore, B2C2 needed infrastructure that was in line with their world class client security.

Let’s look at what B2C2 was looking for as a market leading firm in the digital asset industry.

What problem was B2C2 trying to solve?

B2C2 was looking for a trusted node infrastructure provider.

This partner could service all of the blockchains they cater to on their platform. Firstly, partnering with the right infrastructure provider would free up significant resources while improving their client experience. By outsourcing the maintenance of their node infrastructure, B2C2 was able to unlock developer time - enabling them to focus on the value-add services for their clients. Secondly, the right infrastructure would reduce operational overheads significantly. Thirdly, B2C2 requires a high availability service, to ensure client experience on the platform never dips.

All of this complements B2C2’s unique combination of high-tech trading and high-touch client service. A service normally only offered by an investment bank. The right partner was needed to tick all of these boxes.

Blockdaemon’s Solution: Total node management

As an industry leader, Blockdaemon was able to support B2C2’s need for high-quality nodes.

These nodes provide guaranteed uptime, speed, security and support across all of the protocols hosted on the B2C2 platform. Blockdaemon provides up-time of the underlying data-center also, in general 99.9%. Blockdaemon monitors these nodes on behalf of B2C2.

This includes CPU load, disk, memory, log files, peer count and block height. This total support across all of the blockchains offered by B2C2 led Blockdaemon to be a perfect candidate.Blockdaemon was also aligned with B2C2’s security, through our security first approach.

Blockdaemon is ISO compliant, aligned with enterprise grade security and backup systems. We never store private keys and actively monitor for potential security threats at all times. The result of meeting all of these requirements was Blockdaemon becoming a trusted partner for B2C2’s node requirements. This means Blockdaemon is on call 24/7 to support their infrastructure and regular communication with the team. We also supply ongoing updates regarding node performance.

B2C2 Benefits From Managed Node Services

As a result of working together, B2C2’s clients enjoyed constant service even in the face of market volatility.

All users reaped the reward of high-quality node infrastructure. This improved the user experience, as the nodes mitigated network latency for their connections, and users profited from the consistent and reliable uptime.

Blockdaemon was engaged as a partner to deploy, manage, and maintain nodes on behalf of B2C2, ensuring uptime of >99.9%. This includes support across Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT). Blockdaemon also guaranteed peace of mind in a fast changing crypto environment. Soft and hard forks can have a huge business impact if blockchain nodes are not updated in a timely manner.

Blockdaemon manages node updates seamlessly. Now, B2C2 can focus on always delivering an excellent user experience, without worrying about node infrastructure management.

How Blockdaemon can help you

We have developed market leading tooling that supports public and private blockchains and the virtual currencies built on top. Our experience running nodes on every major network means we are the node experts.

We manage, maintain and upgrade your nodes to ensure uptime and peak performance. Our team is embedded in each protocol community we support. This ensures we stay ahead of the curve for all network updates on behalf of our customers.

Blockdaemon’s exclusive monitoring systems ensure that optimal health of every single node we manage is maintained. We achieve all of this with security guaranteed. This means your node is yours exclusively without the risks of shared resources.

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