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Ethereum Newsletter - September 2022

ETH Newsletter
Sep 8, 2022
As announced by the Ethereum foundation, the Mainnet Merge is finally imminent! The big day is on Sept 15th.

Wen Merge? Switching Ethereum from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake

As announced by the Ethereum foundation, the Mainnet Merge is finally imminent!

While there are still some minor discrepancies in the exact timing, it is reasonably certain the big day is on Sept 15th. All systems are go, both on the protocol level as well as the preparations from our team here at Blockdaemon. Just in case the protocol level transition is not as smooth as expected, we’ll have all relevant people convene around The Merge time in order to take swift actions if needed.

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If you want to catch up on the facts and FAQs of The Merge, we have a dedicated webpage for it, and we will also inform our customers about the general merge status of our infrastructure in a timely manner. If you have any unanswered questions you can ask them here on our discussion board.

Five Common Misconceptions About The Merge

You have probably heard about all the advantages The Merge brings to the Ethereum ecosystem, most notably reducing the energy consumption by ~99.95% (which also helps with institutional ESG compliance), increasing the security as well as decentralization of the network, and setting the stage for future scaling opportunities such as sharding.

To round off your knowledge, we have recently published a blog post about the 5 most common misconceptions about The Merge - check it out!

Metrika & Blockdaemon partner to help standardized blockchain node monitoring

Blockdaemon, the leading institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure company for node management and staking, and Metrika, the leader in operational intelligence for blockchain networks, announced a strategic partnership to improve monitoring of the Ethereum network Post-Merge.

Blockdaemon customers already benefit from the integration of Metrika monitoring metrics and alerts into the existing stack of Blockdaemon for different blockchain protocols. The goal for the future is to expand this partnership into a community-wide effort to help standardize node monitoring across the different Ethereum client implementations, and possibly even across different networks.

More details can be found in the press release and you might want to listen to the recording of our latest Twitter Space about this partnership.

Layer2 Scaling Announcements

Somewhat overshadowed by The Merge, over the last few weeks, there were several announcement with regards to Layer2 scaling solutions on Ethereum, particularly around the topic of a “zkEVM”.

Messari published a great summary article about it.

They also previously produced valuable overviews and commented on the trade-offs for application builders after dYdX made know the plan to launch its own Cosmos chain.

Blockdaemon also plans to integrate various Ethereum L2/side-chain solutions such as Optimism, Polygon and Arbitrum into our Ubiquity Native API over the course of the next few weeks - we’ll keep you posted in this newsletter!

New Product & Protocol Releases

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