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Nov 10, 2022
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Ethereum rewards after the Merge

Total rewards after the merge started a little bit lower than the community models suggested.

This is mainly due to the bear market with historically low gas fees and not too much crypto price volatility and NFT drops, which would increase MEV activities. Protocol rewards stay pretty much constant by design, as the number of validators only increased by about 5% since the Merge, to ~460.000 validators today.

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The overall distribution of rewards as of October across all our validators is approximately:

  • 67.5 % Protocol Rewards (Sept: 59%)
  • 25.0 % Transaction Fee Rewards (Sept: 30%)
  • 7.5 % MEV Rewards (Sept: 11%)

Staking API Enables ETH Staking and Reporting Automation

Blockdaemon enabled MEV rewards for our customers right after the Merge, and now we are again one of the first that provides detailed Ethereum reward reporting!

You’ll get all three rewards components mentioned above listed for any validator(s) and any time period and aggregation level conveniently via API. This allows you to integrate it into any of your existing reporting systems. We will include the transaction fee and MEV rewards also into our in-app dashboard reporting in the future - until then, customers will receive a custom monthly rewards report with all details.

Besides the reporting, you can now also automate your Ethereum staking via our Staking API!

This is particularly helpful, if you want to flexibly fund validators depending on your own customers' demand, or save time and gas when funding a large set of nodes in one go. We really invested a lot of thought to simplify the process as much as possible - and we’ll soon roll it out in the very same format for SOL and DOT staking and reporting as well, for a truly unified cross-chain approach!

Review of Devcon VI in Bogota

After a three year break due to the pandemic, the yearly “Ethereum family reunion” happened in Bogota, Colombia from Oct 11-14, 2022.

Once again the organizing team from the Ethereum Foundation did a fantastic job to pull off a massive event, including the local LATAM community. With ~6000 attendees, the conference doubled in size compared to the last one in Osaka, Japan in 2019.

The 444 Speakers presented on 9 stages, with over 200h of programming. You can filter & rewatch all recordings by their themed tracks in the Devcon archive.
Aside from the celebration of the achieved Merge, the hottest topics were clustered around MEV and its risk of centralization & censorship.

Next up for Ethereum

While no decisions were made at the Devcon conference, the conversations we heard there focused on three key topics that are the hottest candidates to be included in next hard fork:

  • Enablement of withdrawals (to exit validator collateral from staking and/or accessing accrued rewards)
  • Scaling for Layer2 data (“Proto-danksharding” EIP-4844)
  • Improvements against censorship (e.g. PBS, CR-lists)

Particularly the last point seemed to have gained importance recently, as also evidenced in the updated roadmap visual from Vitalik. It will be interesting to see which changes will be prioritized, as it is unlikely to have them all included for the Shanghai fork eyed for the first half of 2023.

New Product & Protocol Releases

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