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Mar 9, 2023
We're excited to report back from EthDenver 2023, where we witnessed the unstoppable resilience of the blockchain industry, even in a bear market.

EthDenver 2023 was as busy as ever!

We're excited to report back from EthDenver 2023, where we witnessed the unstoppable resilience of the blockchain industry, even in a bear market. The new venue was massive, and provides ample space for future growth, despite a WiFi connection that left a lot to be desired!

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We had the pleasure of setting up shop right next to the Devtopia stage, where we heard some fantastic talks about infrastructure and scalability. The most entertaining might have been "Optimism: Rise of the Superchain!" by Karl Floersch. Blockdaemon’s Drew Roberson spoke about “On-Chain Governance”, and we hosted an event including a great panel on “The Path Forward for Institutions Building on Blockchain”.

Launch of Base Chain brings L2 scalability to new levels

The buzz around Coinbase's announcement of their own Layer 2 blockchain "Base" was palpable, and we're thrilled to say that our Ubiquity is the only multi-chain API that supports it, along with Optimism, Polygon, and 20+ other networks.

Curious to know how to connect to Base with Ubiquity? Check it out here. Their dedication to utilizing and contributing to the Optimism stack led to a lot of excitement in the developer community. Our CEO Konstantin Richter also had an engaging chat with Coinbase’s Jesse Pollack about the potential of “Onchain is the next Online”.

“Account Abstraction” standardized by launch of ERC-4337

In a surprise announcement at WalletCon in Denver, Yoav Weiss presented the launch of “account abstraction” on Ethereum. It promises many wallet UX improvements such as social recovery of keys, programmable spending limits and phishing protection, gas abstraction, or transaction batching.

While existing smart contract wallets already offer some of these functionalities, the new standard will avoid centralized transaction relayers and be deployed across all EVM-chains. It’s an important milestone towards the eventual elimination of externally owned accounts (EOAs)

Is there going to be an exit/activation queue following the Shanghai fork?

Regarding the Shanghai fork, we're all wondering if an exit/activation queue is on the cards. While nobody knows for sure, we can confirm that all validators will continue to receive rewards during their time in the exit queue. For more details, refer to our Shanghai FAQ, or feel free to drop us a line with any additional questions.

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