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Blockdaemon Supports Institutional Aptos Staking

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Jul 7, 2023
Discover the advantages of institutional staking on the Aptos blockchain with Blockdaemon, the leading staking partner for fully compliant and secure staking services.

Choose Blockdaemon for a Seamless and Secure Aptos Staking Experience

Blockdaemon now supports institutional staking on the Aptos blockchain, the leading staking partner for fully compliant and secure staking services.

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Why Stake on Aptos?

Aptos’ Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism offers a cost-efficient and decentralized network. The validators are chosen based on their stake, ensuring that only the most efficient validators are selected to process transactions. This provides a trustworthy and reliable network for institutional stakers. As a staker, you can delegate your stake to a validator of choice. This has a number of advantages:

1. Enhanced accessibility: Institutions can engage in staking with a minimum of 11 APT.

2. Versatility: Managers have the freedom to delegate their staking power to a validator of their preference. This allows them to support validators they trust and whose values align with their own.

3. Self custody: Delegated staking guarantees that token holders maintain full ownership of their APT in their own wallets. They are not compelled to rely on off-chain methods to aggregate their funds. Additionally, the increased number of participants contributing to staking on the Aptos network aids in the preservation of the blockchain infrastructure and ensures the network's security.

Furthermore, Aptos’s economic model encourages healthy competition among validators, ensuring low transaction fees while maintaining sustainable business models. As an institutional staker, by selecting the most efficient validators, such as Blockdaemon, you can ensure that you receive optimal protocol rewards.

Why Choose Blockdaemon for Aptos Staking?

Security & Compliance

Blockdaemon adheres to the strictest security standards, including world-class crypto key management, 100% slashing insurance, and more. Blockdaemon is ISO27001 certified.

Quality Staking Support

Secure rewards across Aptos’ innovative blockchain. By staking on Aptos with Blockdaemon, clients have seamless access to staking rewards without the hassle of managing the technical aspects of running a node.

Non-Custodial Integration

Blockdaemon operates as a non-custodial entity, ensuring that clients maintain full control over their funds. In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, being non-custodial is synonymous with security and autonomy. Clients have exclusive access to their private keys. This means that Blockdaemon doesn't have access to, nor does it hold, any client funds. This is particularly important for institutional clients who need to ensure that their assets are not at risk of third-party mishandling or misappropriation.

Furthermore, this non-custodial approach empowers clients to make autonomous decisions regarding their assets without the need for permissions or interventions from a third party. This is crucial for institutions that require agility and responsiveness in the fast-paced cryptocurrency market.

Easy & Fast Staking Integration

Blockdaemon offers a simple and rapid integration process, enabling clients to start securing staking rewards as soon as possible. Let Blockdaemon accelerate your staking speed-to-market.

Maximize Your Aptos Staking Rewards with Blockdaemon Today

Staking is at the heart of the Proof-of-Stake blockchain ecosystem, offering exciting opportunities to secure rewards. By choosing Blockdaemon for Aptos staking, clients can reap the benefits of staking without the risks or overheads.

Leveraging Blockdaemon's high-assurance infrastructure, clients gain access to a reliable and seamless staking experience on the Aptos blockchain.

Interested in maximizing your Aptos staking rewards? Choose Blockdaemon as your staking provider and start today.


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