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Blockdaemon’s New Director of Marketing (APAC) Hanna Tantoco

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Aug 1, 2022

Blockdaemon welcomes Hanna Tantoco to the role of Director of Marketing, APAC.

Hanna is a seasoned marketer with over 14 years of experience in the retail banking and finance industry. Previous to Blockdaemon, Hanna was the Head of Marketing Communications, APAC, at a B2C cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, where she oversaw the entire marketing and communications function.

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Today, Gemini is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and Hanna was a key player in making this happen. I sat down with Hanna to learn more about her impressive FinTech career, why she joined Blockdaemon, and her plans as Blockdaemon’s new Director of Marketing.

A Growing Passion for Blockchain Technology

Before Hanna joined the blockchain tech space, she worked in the insurance sector, leading the go-to-market strategy of the virtual health app they were developing.

The project was challenging, but it ignited her passion for technology. From that point on, Hanna pursued a career in FinTech. “After that, I just went deeper and deeper into tech and now I want to understand more about blockchain technology”, said Hanna.

A Colorful Background in Crypto

When Hanna first joined Gemini, she was the only marketer and third hire in Asia.

As the Head of Marketing Communications at a FinTech startup, Hanna worked on various projects such as PR, media relations, content marketing, email, social media and even business development. Working in a B2C FinTech company has given Hanna the experience and skills needed to drive business success in the Web3 space. “One of the strengths that I would be bringing to Blockdaemon is my knowledge and experience working in a fast-paced and lean start-up culture”, said Hanna.

Why Hanna Joined Blockdaemon

Coming from a B2C company, Hanna wanted to learn more about blockchain technology and start working closely with institutions.

“There is massive demand coming from institutions in APAC, and they’re all looking for a best-in-class blockchain infrastructure partner, Blockdaemon came across that way to me”, explained Hanna. Secondly, Hanna wants to contribute to the efforts required to connecting businesses to blockchains.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of the pioneer team, and Blockdaemon presents a tremendous opportunity in the region”, added Hanna.

Last but not least, Hanna clicked with the company culture and people at Blockdaemon. “I spoke to a few folks during the interview process and everybody was genuinely nice. I actually couldn’t believe it. So I was like, okay, where do I sign?”, said Hanna.

A Plan For APAC Growth

Hanna will inject more personalization into APAC marketing efforts.

Starting with repurposing content and existing campaigns and tailoring them for APAC's target market and customers. Blockchain technology is an exciting industry, however, there are a lot of misconceptions around crypto that could potentially deter the interest of legitimate investors and customers.

This is why Hanna plans to increase the awareness and education around blockchain technology and crypto and make Blockdaemon a credible player and knowledge hub for all things blockchain and Web3. “I am looking forward to working on more strategic partnerships across Asia and making Blockdaemon a household name”, explained Hanna.

Welcome, Hanna!

One final time, we welcome Hanna to Team Blockdaemon.

Hanna’s experience in FinTech and her agile marketing skills are an invaluable asset to Blockdaemon.

We are excited to have her on board as our new Director of Marketing, APAC.If you’re interested in blockchain technology and would like to join our team, take a look at our careers page.

We are always on the lookout for great people to join our team.


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