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Blockdaemon’s Chain Watch Experience

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Apr 16, 2024
Comprehensive On-Chain Event Monitoring. Simple Integration. Reliable Delivery.

Today, we highlight Blockdaemon’s Chain Watch Experience, ensuring real-time synchronization of your wallet and finance systems with on-chain events. Stream real-time data to your institution with Chain Watch.

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1. Stream On-Chain Events

Stream On-Chain Events with Chain Watch and gain immediate visibility into blockchain activities. This enables institutions to update their systems, ensuring the delivery of current data to end-user applications. 

2. Comprehensive Event Monitoring

Chain Watch enhances your operational awareness with comprehensive event monitoring. By subscribing, you receive alerts for all wallet activities, transaction updates, and block confirmations. 

3. Simple Integration

Integrate Chain Watch into your system using our subscription endpoint to set up prompt event notifications via webhooks. This feature allows for effortless incorporation of real-time blockchain event alerts into your existing infrastructure. 

4. Reliable Event Delivery

Chain Watch guarantees reliable event delivery through robust retry mechanisms and a buffer capacity for ten thousand events.

“Our team has been working diligently to develop, refine, and scale Chain Watch. With the feedback from our most advanced clients, we have been able to provide a solution that offers reliable event alerts on demand. This has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses acquire and action on-chain events.” -Damien Scanlon, Head of Product


1. Blocks

Chain Watch provides immediate updates on block confirmations, ensuring your systems reflect the latest chain state with precision. 

2. Events

Chain Watch provides a streamlined solution for monitoring blockchain events. Stay updated on transactions, and network changes as they occur. 

3. Fee Estimation

Chain Watch's fee estimation solution offers precision for your financial planning. Receive accurate fee predictions for your transactions, avoiding unexpected costs. 

4. Transactions

Chain Watch's transactions solution ensures simple execution and tracking of blockchain transactions. With real-time monitoring and updates, you maintain complete oversight of transaction statuses, from initiation to completion. 

5. Balances

Chain Watch's balances solution provides accurate, real-time insights into your blockchain asset balances.

6. UTXOs

Chain Watch's solution for UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs) management enhances your control over blockchain assets. It provides clear, real-time visibility into UTXO-based transactions, ensuring accurate tracking and management of digital assets.


Chain Watch offers real-time synchronization of your wallet and finance systems with on-chain events. All blockchain protocols supported by Chain Watch return events in a uniform format, removing the need for protocol-specific integration.

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