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Oct 1, 2019

Anyone can launch a node -- it’s what comes next that counts.Unlike commodity cloud vendors or single network node services, Blockdaemon is the only complete end-to-end blockchain infrastructure platform built by experts with proven technology, and ready for everyone from developers to enterprise clients.________________________________________________

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New Releases and Partnerships

September's focus at Blockdaemon has been evolving and enhancing our protocol offerings and partnerships, while continuing to improve our platform behind the scenes. We've also been at top events in the industry and look forward to a busy fall! Here are the recent updates and partnerships we've made:

Blockdaemon is a long-time supporter and a firm believer in the potential of the Algorand blockchain and ecosystem. From running participation & relay nodes during the early days of the pre launch testnet, to deploying and operating high performance nodes, Blockdaemon wanted to ensure a smooth MainNet launch for the Algorand network. Our experience with the testnet allowed us to offer first-day staking capabilities and making the entry to the Algorand network as easy as possible. Read more about our partnership.

Being one of the first protocols we supported, Stellar has been part of our platform’s deploy tooling for over a year. We’ve seen a lot of growth on this protocol in the second half of 2019 with expanding feature advancements, and will continue to deepen our commitment to the protocol. Read more about the latest updates to Stellar.

Participating in the Lightning Network? Here is an easy way to connect to our node and create a channel! Let's help grow Bitcoin Lightning together! Here is the address to connect to our node:

02572c2e1b43a78bb060[email protected]:9735

Blockdaemon is proud to announce it has joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce to actively support their mission of promoting the acceptance and use of digital assets. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world’s largest blockchain trade organization representing the digital asset and blockchain industry.

________________________________________________News and Events

Join us, along with Oasis Labs, Harmony, and Celo for a discussion on validators and dev-ecosystems and the challenge of appropriate incentives for continuous decentralization and tooling dev for PoS ecosystems. We'll explore the leading staking protocol practices and the economic incentives around running different types of validators, how you play a key role in the consensus, and incentivizing stakeholders in PoS across a networks life-cycle (are stakers the best network custodians over time).

Berlin Blockchain Week Highlights

This year’s Berlin Blockchain Week was really a week long celebration of all that makes this city a foundational piece of the global blockchain jigsaw puzzle. The community travelled, (hopefully carbon offsetted) and converged in Germany for an action-packed week of events and hackathons. EthBerlin was nothing short of the authentic, developer-centric vibe you expect to see flowing out of this critical hub of the Web 3 ecosystem. Read more for all of the highlights.

CryptoSprings 2019 brought the heat!

CryptoSprings pulled out all of the stops again this year and definitely delivered. During our roundtable, our CEO dug into incentivizing stakeholders in PoS across a networks life-cycle and discussed if stakers are the best network custodians over time. With an amazing lineup of speakers, we look forward to next year!

TQuorum Global Summit 2019

Incentivize: How to Stake Safely

Our CEO, Konstantin Richter, discussed at the TQuorum Global Summit how Proof of stake protocols incentivize individuals and organizations with large quantities of tokens to store them and engage with their networks in unique ways. This panel of staking and custodial specialists focused on institutional-grade best practices for storing and securing tokens. You can check out all of the talks here.

CoinAlts Fund Symposium

Focal areas of the CoinAlts Symposium were threshold signatures (incl. MPC technology) being the future referencing how multi-sig presents operational challenges when signers need to be added/removed. MPC streamlines this without needing to notify counter-parties of new wallets, etc. Another hot topic included evolving cold storage so that your assets get their max rewards and users must be able to participate.


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