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Blockdaemon joins the MobileCoin Foundation

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Jun 9, 2020

We’re excited to officially announce that Blockdaemon is joining the MobileCoin Foundation. MobileCoin builds the high performance payments technology that is revolutionizing the way society conducts transactions, and comprehensive support for the MobileCoin protocol is already offered on the Blockdaemon marketplace. We’re proud to further strengthen our existing partnership by becoming one of the founding members of the MobileCoin Foundation.

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By joining the foundation, Blockdaemon will provide core node infrastructure to the payments system, as well as support in educating newcomers to the MobileCoin platform. The MobileCoin Foundation is an organization dedicated to building next-generation payments technology through the development of the MobileCoin protocol and its surrounding ecosystem. Launched in June 2020, with prominent members such as The Long Now Foundation, the foundation will grow and coordinate the global community of developers working on the platform to create the most efficient and high-performance private payments network.

"MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for everyone to use every day. Blockdaemon helps us think less about infrastructure and more about users." Joshua Goldbard, CEO & Co-Founder of MobileCoin

The MobileCoin protocol is designed for messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp. It enables fast and easy transactions to take place in typically resource-constrained environments like mobile devices, with fees also significantly lower than many other blockchain-based currency platforms. Security is also paramount to the network: private keys never leave the user’s device, and since both transaction fees and latencies are so low, there is no need for intermediary exchanges or currency aggregators to hold private keys or hot wallets for you.

“The MobileCoin Foundation progresses the ideals of how we think about future payment systems by giving users what they want: privacy, convenience, and speed. Blockdaemon is proud to support their work with our state-of-the-art node infrastructure.”Konstantin Richter, CEO & Co-founder of Blockdaemon

Blockdaemon is proud to support MobileCoin’s mission in building the payments systems of tomorrow. To request early access to the MobileCoin testnet, please visit our marketplace.


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