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Blockdaemon Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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May 3, 2022

Blockdaemon has recently joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the organisation championing enterprise blockchain standards. Now, Blockdaemon joins the ranks of EEA’s global membership base. This spans hundreds of companies across a variety of industries. Members include top tier financial institutions, crypto-native firms and blue chip companies, all aligned with the EEA’s vision.

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Blockdaemon proudly takes its place amongst this diverse, collaborative member-base, backed by a community of thousands of skilled developers. In this post, we’ll explain why Blockdaemon joined the EEA, and the importance of its mission in furthering blockchain adoption.

Why Blockdaemon Joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Blockdaemon is strongly aligned to EEA’s mission. This mission is to enable organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their day-to-day business operations. This is made possible by EEA’s efforts to serve Ethereum as an enterprise-grade technology, through adopting a standards-based approach. EEA’s standard specification model helps accelerate the development of the enterprise blockchain market.

Today, Blockdaemon actively connects Ethereum’s tech with institutional customers. As the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure, Blockdaemon’s mission is to connect institutions to blockchains with a single integration. We operate tens of thousands of Ethereum nodes on behalf of our clients globally. These nodes are operated with high uptime and security guarantees. Our commitment to providing safe, reliable blockchain infrastructure to enterprises strongly compliments EEA’s mission of serving enterprises with the best possible blockchain standards. At the heart of widespread enterprise blockchain adoption lies a dual need for a robust standards framework, combined with accessible access to the high-quality blockchain infrastructure Blockdaemon provides.

The Importance of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Open standards were a cornerstone of the internet’s successful mass adoption. For example, organisations such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed the standards which underpin much of the modern web. These standards are the bedrock to many of the popular apps relied on by billions of users daily. Today, blockchain standards are important to crypto’s long-term success, as the industry scales from millions to billions of users in the future. This growth will stem for example from DeFi, permissioned blockchain tech and tokenization use-cases. The EEA has built Interest Groups across all of these areas, to ensure EEA technical specifications support these specific categories. These gold-standard technical specifications help businesses ensure enterprise interoperability, and to meet specific industry needs. By developing blockchain industry standards catering to these important use cases, the EEA helps to pave the way for further institutional success in the blockchain industry. This is made possible through their unique view across members and their needs.


Blockdaemon proudly supports the long-term prosperity of Ethereum’s institutional adoption. We are aligned with the EEA’s mission, to drive the adoption of Ethereum’s world-class tech in day-to-day business dealings. To date, Blockdaemon has committed to strongly supporting the Ethereum open-source ecosystem. This has included a donation to the Ethereum Foundation of $900k worth of IBM Cloud credits, to fund client stability testing. Blockdaemon has also strategically invested in Obol Labs, a trust minimized staking protocol for public blockchain networks, based on Distributed Validator Technology. Finally, Blockdaemon is a founding member of the Flashbots Eth2 Working Group, striving towards an open-source MEV solution post merge. Blockdaemon and StakeWise are also building an institutional-grade liquid staking solution to provide this liquidity to companies. Liquid staking frees staked crypto from lockup periods. This lets you participate in Ethereum staking, while also receiving rewards in Ethereum’s ecosystem.

We are proud to be a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. If you’d like to begin your Ethereum staking journey with Blockdaemon today, feel free to reach out to us to get started.

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