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Blockdaemon Integrates with Blockstack to Support Stacks 2.0

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Aug 26, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Blockstack PBC to support their highly anticipated testnet, Stacks 2.0. Blockstack builds the software for a user owned internet, returning online data ownership to developers and consumers. Blockstack’s testnet, Stacks 2.0, is expected to be launched later this year by independent miners. Our integration with Blockstack will provide institutions, corporate entities, and individual developers simple, powerful node creation and management services, professional support, APIs, monitoring tools, back-up systems, and more.

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This will make it easier for participants to run nodes, expanding the Blockstack network, and permitting further access to its novel consensus mechanism.“Working with Blockdaemon follows our pattern of trying to mature the industry wherever possible. Blockdaemon further strengthens that foundation by providing robust, professional grade services, and proven infrastructure to developers and to the network, which includes over 400 apps and a growing number of Clarity smart contracts.” - Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder of Blockstack. Stacks 2.0 represents the biggest step that the network has made toward their mission of building and scaling Web 3, with Bitcoin as the reliable foundation for digital ownership.

The testnet enables developers to write expressive smart contracts and experiment with new business models, while benefiting from the security and resilience of Bitcoin.Stacks 2.0 introduces Proof of Transfer (PoX), a novel mining mechanism that enables the Stacks blockchain to tie its security to the Bitcoin network and incentivizes STX token holders to run full nodes in return for the ability to earn bitcoin (BTC). Blockstack is committed to using Bitcoin as the foundation for Web 3.0, while providing developers with the security and flexibility required to build applications. “Our integration with Blockstack represents a collective first step towards furthering the industry, and we are aligned with Blockstack’s vision of building Web 3.0, with Bitcoin as the backbone.” - Konstantin Richter, CEO of Blockdaemon.Blockdaemon and Blockstack are working together to build a secure and flexible Web 3.0. Want to get involved? Visit the Blockstack marketplace page for more information.

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