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Ethereum Newsletter || May 2023: More Activation than Exits

ETH Newsletter
May 11, 2023

May 2023: More Activation than Exits

Overall, the validator queues following the Shapella fork were not as lengthy as some had anticipated. Furthermore, it took merely 2 weeks for the activation queue to surpass the exit queue in length.

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We recommend stakers use our microsite, co-developed with Metrika, to actively monitor the queues in real time.

After the Fork is before the fork - Dencun is next!

With Shapella successfully allowing for withdrawals, the Ethereum community is turning their attention to the next fork. Although the exact timing remains uncertain (with most expecting it in Q4), the scope is gradually becoming more defined.

The primary focus will be assisting L2 in scaling by providing dedicated storage on the L1 Consensus Layer (referred to as “Proto-Danksharding” or EIP-4844).The fork's name appears to be settling on "Dencun" (a combination of Cancun + Deneb).

bloXroute Mempool streaming now live in Ubiquity API

Integrating bloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) into Blockdaemon’s API provides users with real-time updates about transaction statuses, optimizing confirmation times, and enhancing network efficiency. This integration enables users to execute trades up to 200 ms faster than competing mempool services.

This feature enables institutional customers to make well-informed decisions, leveraging BDN's rapid propagation capabilities. Discover more in our blog, tune in to our conversation with bloXroute CEO on YouTube or explore the usage example in our docs.

Account Abstraction & MPC- Friends with Benefits

Following the recent announcement of the Blockdaemon Wallet for Institutions, there's growing interest in understanding the distinctions between account abstraction (AA) and multi-party computation (MPC).

Both approaches facilitate "Smart Accounts," which enhance the crypto experience to resemble traditional bank accounts, employing distinct technological concepts. These methods are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they can complement each other due to their distinct focus areas

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