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How to Get Blockchain Services in Dubai with Blockdaemon

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Nov 9, 2022

Are you looking for blockchain services in Dubai? Blockdaemon is a world-leading blockchain infrastructure provider and is here to help you achieve your goals.

Want to hear more about how Blockdaemon can help you with your Blockchain journey? Contact us today to chat more about our blockchain solutions, or read on to get a closer look at what’s new.

Get fast-track access to blockchain services in Dubai today, including:

  • Proof-of-stake staking rewards
  • Blockchain nodes
  • Ethereum liquid staking
  • Blockchain APIs
  • Blockchain payment on-ramps
  • Secure wallet solutions

We’re here to help you connect to Web3. Book a call with Blockdaemon today to find the perfect blockchain service in Dubai!Today, we’ll highlight why Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the perfect market for blockchain startups, and how you can accelerate your blockchain success with Blockdaemon.

Blockchain Startups in Dubai

Dubai is not only the country’s leading commercial and financial hub, but is also home to many crypto startups. Dubai is one of the leading examples of blockchain excellence in the entire MENA region. If you’re a blockchain startup based in Dubai, Blockdaemon is here to scale your success in-market.

Book a call with Blockdaemon today. The city is positioned well as a world-leader in blockchain with its innovative approach to technology and a business friendly environment. According to the Fintech Times 2021, the UAE has:

  • An 80.9% ease of doing business score
  • 2300 tech startups
  • 400 Fintech companies
  • Two leading UAE Financial Free Zones (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)
  • A pro-blockchain regulatory environment

Previously, the UAE Government launched the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. This aimed to capitalize on this revolutionary technology to transform 50% of government transactions to be based on a blockchain by 2021. Such an approach is a testament to the forward thinking nature of Dubai in the MENA region. Dubai, and its tech focused companies, drive blockchain use-cases.  

Dubai plans to be the global hub for Web3 companies. Today, many Web3 native firms are moving their headquarters to Dubai to capitalize on its many advantages.

How to Get Blockchain Services in Dubai?

Get easy and fast blockchain access in Dubai by reaching out to Jihane Hajjaji, Blockdaemon’s dedicated Business Development Representative.As Business Development Representative, Jihane is always accessible to clients who would like to start or scale their business with blockchain.

Book a call withJihane today! Based in Dubai, Jihane brings multiple years of sales experience in IT infrastructure. Previously, she has worked with various companies and the public sector in the Benelux market, and has been an Account Manager at Dell Technologies for the last two years, responsible for data center infrastructure. At Blockdaemon, Jihane combines her passion for Web3 with her traditional IT infrastructure expertise. She is looking forward to building customer relationships in the MENA region.To further scale the institutional adoption of blockchain services, Blockdaemon is expanding into innovative markets.

These markets are poised for the revolutionary potential blockchain technology brings. In addition to Blockdaemon’s strong global presence in Europe, Asia, and American markets, Blockdaemon is now focused on driving success in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. Blockdaemon is proud to have Jihane spearheading growth in the MENA region, as Blockdaemon continues to strategically expand its operations and talent in exciting new regions.

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