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Dec 31, 2020

We Know Nodes.

"With Blockdaemon, we help companies and developers connect to blockchain networks in minutes with high-availability nodes on-premise or in a cloud they choose.” - Konstantin Richter, CEO, and Founder of Blockdaemon

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Message from Blockdaemon

Happy end of 2020!  It's been quite a ride this year, that's for sure. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the Blockdaemon community and sharing your feedback with us so that we can better provide infrastructure services for you. Blockdaemon is ready to make 2021 a transformative year for our ecosystem and the industry overall -- connecting more institutions and individuals to blockchains.

With so many great achievements in a year when many want to put 2020 in the rearview as fast as possible, we wish for all of our community that 2021 brings good health, happier times, and rising crypto! Here are some of the highlights of December from Blockdaemon. Our resolutions are to do our best to provide our users and community the highest level of service, product offerings, and hopefully make part of your work easier for future years to come!


Protocol Releases & Platform Updates

The MobileCoin Main Net went live this month and we are very excited to be partnered with this innovative team. MobileCoin is building a high performance payments technology that is revolutionizing the way society conducts transactions.

The MobileCoin protocol is designed for integration with mobile messaging platforms like Signal, WhatsApp and Messenger, while enabling fast and simple transactions on mobile devices. The protocol prioritizes both data security and user privacy: private keys never leave the user’s device, and transaction latencies are low enough to ensure that there is no need for intermediaries to hold private keys or hot wallets for users.

To view the MobileCoin protocol open source software and tools, you can visit the MobileCoin Foundation’s GitHub. If interested, inquire to request more info for the MobileCoin Main Net!

Already, the effects of this launch are visible on the wider crypto markets with over a million ether ($550m+ and growing) already taken out of circulation and deposited into the deposit contract. This amounts to 1.14% of the supply of ether. Although unlikely to dramatically influence the liquidity of ether, the interest being generated from Eth2 staking may compete with returns that can be generated in decentralized finance, which may have knock-on effects on such projects and their interest rates and prices.

If you are ready to stake, reach out and we can get you set up to participate!

Stacks 2.0 introduces Proof of Transfer (PoX), a novel consensus mechanism that ties the Stacks blockchain to the security of the Bitcoin network and allows STX token holders to earn bitcoin (BTC) by participating in consensus. Blockstack is committed to using Bitcoin as the foundation for Web 3.0, while providing developers with the security and flexibility required to build applications.

Stacks 2.0 represents the biggest step that the network has made toward their mission of building and scaling Web 3, with Bitcoin as the reliable foundation for digital ownership. The testnet enables developers to write expressive smart contracts and experiment with new business models, while benefiting from the security and resilience of Bitcoin. Reach out to launch nodes on the Blockstack PBC Stacks 2.0 network and earn BTC for holding STX. You can also participate in Mine to 1 Million STX on the upcoming Stacks 2.0 network in their Three Part Stacks 2.0 Challenge.

Interested miners can register here.

Flow has successfully moved from testnet to mainnet with rewards being distributed!  We are proud to be a trusted infrastructure provider to the network, offering validator nodes to test network integrity and bootstrap the network Flow is one such cryptocurrency prepared to welcome the next generation of users and developers.

Blockdaemon will provide comprehensive staking support for Flow, allowing users to stake on the network simply and effectively using our staking dashboard. Staking rewards on Flow encourage early engagement in the network with all rewards automatically distributed via the staking smart contract to the reward pools associated with each node and following the schedule set out by Flow.

There are a number of exciting ways you can participate with us on Flow - contact us to launch a validator or earn rewards by delegating to our nodes. Reach out today!

This month we announced our partnership with Finoa, an institutional-grade custody and asset-servicing solution platform for investors in digital assets, to bring secure staking services to institutional players. As part of this partnership, we will provide extensive staking services to Finoa’s network of institutional clients, with support provided for major proof-of-stake protocols including Polkadot, Tezos, Cosmos, and Ethereum 2.0.

This development will vastly simplify the process of staking for institutions, with live monitoring and metrics tools, APIs, and back-up systems reducing the risk of downtime slashing, and highly customizable infrastructure allowing clients to either run their own dedicated validator node, or stake tokens to Blockdaemon’s validators. Read more about the partnership here - Blockdaemon teams with Finoa to offer staking services to institutions.

_____________________________________Platform Updates

Blockdaemon’s cross-protocol API, Ubiquity, is live! Join the pilot group using Ubiquity and shape the future of this suite of API tooling. With support today for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Ripple’s XRP and Celo, Algorand, Polkadot and Diem (formerly Libra) coming in the new year, Ubiquity is useful when you need access to a network but don’t need a node.

In addition to our pilot program, our platform is always continuing to improve and we’re actively working on a brand new look and feel for our users. Reach out if you have additional feedback that you would like us to incorporate!

_____________________________________News and Events

Mine to 1 Million STX: Announcing a Three Part Stacks 2.0 Challenge

Daemon Technologies is excited to announce a series of STX Mining Challenges that will begin on December 15th and reward a total of 1 million STX tokens to participants. The series will consist of three distinct challenges that will prepare and reward miners for the upcoming mainnet launch of the Stacks 2.0 network.

Daemon Technologies has partnered with the Stacks Foundation to put up the 1 million STX prize pool, which will be distributed across the three challenges. Interested miners can register at

We were honored to be a co-organizer & judge for The Quest for ROSE as we continue to support the Oasis Network community. The winners of The Quest for ROSE: An Oasis Network Hackathon have been announced and participants from around the world competed for a chance to win over $10,000 worth of ROSE token prizes. Read more about the participating projects.


Interesting Reading & Listening

We are also hiring so come join us! And as always, get the latest on new releases and product updates: Check the Blockdaemon Blog, follow the discussion on Twitter and Linkedin, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have at [email protected].

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