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Blockdaemon Bulletin May 2023

May 25, 2023

Blockdaemon Bulletin: May  

Welcome to the newest edition of the Blockdaemon Monthly Update! As we usher in the summer, we're eager to deliver the most recent insights, updates, and news from the rapidly changing landscape of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

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We’re excited to share that Blockdaemon is leading the charge in accelerating blockchain and web3 adoption in Japan, acknowledging the region's standing as a global hub for blockchain innovation. This initiative is powered by strategic partnerships with Astar Network, Crypto Garage Inc, and BitGo. Blockdaemon's CTO, Chris Sharp, also spoke at the Teamz Web3 Summit in Tokyo, emphasizing the significance of scalable and secure infrastructure in promoting widespread blockchain adoption.

We are pleased to announce that Blockdaemon has broadened its Staking API support for the NEAR Protocol! Our newest release streamlines the NEAR Protocol staking process, facilitating easier integration for institutions into the blockchain economy through a single interface. Our cutting-edge Staking API provides a secure and scalable staking solution for the NEAR Protocol, alleviating many of the difficulties institutions encounter when engaging in staking.

Company & Protocol Updates

Reimagine Cold Storage

Cold storage has traditionally been regarded as the most secure method of storing digital assets. However, a recently introduced institutional wallet challenges the traditional distinction between hot and cold wallets.

Plans to Accelerate Web3 Adoption in Japan

Blockdaemon, the global leader in institutional Web3 services, is launching a concentrated effort to further blockchain adoption in Japan!

Maximize Sui Staking Rewards

Blockdaemon and BitGo have collaborated to offer a fully compliant Sui staking service for institutional stakers, providing a secure and reliable network for staking tokens.

ETH Added to Industry-First Staking Yield Index Family

Calculated daily, the rewards featured in the six CCData Blockdaemon Staking Yield Indices integrate various factors including block rewards, token emissions, fees, protocol penalties, withdrawals, and more.

In the recently concluded TEAMZ Web3 Summit, Blockdaemon’s Chris Sharp took center stage to join the conversation on the complexities of developing a decentralized society. Following the day's discussions, we joined industry leaders and influencers at the exclusive Web3 VIP Drinks event. We thank everyone who attended and shared their perspectives, further establishing our commitment to shaping a robust decentralized future.

Blogs & News

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Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is a fully self-hosted wallet with Advanced MPC security and no dependencies on any other party for digital asset custody and self-custody.

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How will policymakers keep up with our newest era of innovation? Experts discussed the blockchain-powered technology revolution, implications for our largest business sectors.

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The future of Proof of Stake (PoS) in the ever-evolving crypto ecosystem.

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