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Blockdaemon Bulletin || March 2023

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Mar 23, 2023
Welcome to the latest edition of the Blockdaemon Bulletin newsletter, your one-stop resource for the most recent developments in the world blockchain.

Blockdaemon has teamed up with MetaMask Institutional to create a revolutionary institutional staking marketplace.  Introducing the first-ever platform of its kind, designed to simplify and grant unmatched access to institutional staking. With Metamask Institutional Staking Marketplace, enjoy seamless, one-click staking tailored for institutions. The platform also enables digital asset monitoring, including P&L and performance attribution for all ERC-20 tokens.

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During the month of February Coinbase Cloud deprecated support for Kusama and Crypto.Com and several other blockchains. Looking to move your and Kusama delegations? Blockdaemon continues to support both, with 24/7/365 monitoring, 99.9% uptime along with an insurance guarantee to protect you against slashing losses.

Company and Protocol Updates

One-Click Staking with Blockdaemon and MetaMask-  Blockdaemon has teamed up with MetaMaskInstitutional to a first-of-its-kind institutional staking marketplace. This offers one-click staking tailored for institutions. The platform also enables digital asset monitoring, including P&L and performance attribution for all ERC-20 tokens!

Announcing Blockdaemon’s Support for the Base Testnet at Launch-  The Ubiquity Data API suite is a powerful and flexible suite of blockchain APIs that allows users to query blockchain data and broadcast transactions across a variety of blockchains, including Base — all without operating or managing nodes.

Introducing Blockdaemon’s In-App WalletConnect for Ethereum Now, you can stake Ethereum via Blockdaemon’s app. The Blockdaemon platform enables you to stake your ETH easily through its simple app features, including connecting your favorite Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask to stake via our platform.

Blockdaemon Partners with Cronos Labs and Capital to Advance Web3 Startup Growth
We are thrilled to announce that Blockdaemon will be participating in the Cronos Accelerator Program, in partnership with Cronos Labs. As part of this program, Blockdaemon will be offering an exclusive 12-month free trial of our Ubiquity Data API Suite to all participating projects.

Blockdaemon Blogs & More!

Blockdaemon Adds WalletConnect for Eth Staking

Staking can be a complex and technical process that can be a barrier for many investors. That’s where Blockdaemon’s in-app WalletConnect staking solution for Ethereum comes in.

Institutional Self-Custody Wallet Considerations

The concept of self-custody is simple: hold your own keys so that you and only you can securely store and transfer your digital assets. However, that simple concept becomes more complicated for institutional digital asset holders.

Ethereum layer-2 solutions may focus less on token incentives in the future

Token incentive models may become obsolete as layer-2 networks focus on ease of functionality and low fees, but how will this impact decentralization?

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