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Blockdaemon Bulletin: January Edition

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Feb 1, 2023
Welcome to the first Blockdaemon Bulletin of 2023. We are excited to catch you up on everything we've been working on since our last newsletter.

Welcome to the first Blockdaemon Bulletin of 2023. We are excited to catch you up on everything we've been working on since our last newsletter.

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To kick off the year with some product updates, our institutional-grade Staking API now supports Polkadot and Polygon, in addition to Ethereum and Solana. The Staking API simplifies staking reporting and allows you to automate and accelerate resource heavy activities. Check out our latest blog to see how you can ease your staking process today.

CEO & founder, Konstantin Richter recently joined Talia Kaplan on CNBC TV’s Crypto World. On the show, Konstantin breaks down whether crypto’s adoption rate will slow down following the collapse of FTX and ultimately what 2023 has in store for blockchain. You can watch the interview here!

Company and Protocol Updates

Introducing the addition of DOT and MATIC to Blockdaemon’s Staking API-  The Blockdaemon Staking API has now expanded beyond ETH and SOL to offer support for #DOT and #MATIC. With this release, Blockdaemon further connects institutions to the Proof-of Stake ecosystem with one single integration.

Blockdaemon and BitGo Launch secure staking offering, with Cake DeFi as launch customer

Blockdaemon and BitGo joined forces to launch institutional-grade, fully integrated MATIC staking service on the BitGo platform. Cake DeFi, a leading Singapore-based fintech platform, will be the launch customer for the new staking service.

How Amdax & Blockdaemon Simplify Institutional ETH Staking

Traditionally, it’s been difficult to reliably participate in staking, and liquid staking. In partnership with Blockdaemon, Amdax enables clients to benefit from ETH staking, and greater capital efficiencies, without the technical overheads.

Blockdaemon’s Top 5 Considerations for Crypto Infrastructure Security

Crypto infrastructure security is a critical but often overlooked aspect of overall crypto solutions. Check out Blockdaemon’s blog with  our top five recommended security considerations for crypto infrastructure to help safeguard your crypto.

Blockdaemon Blogs & More!

Blockdaemon Podcast Episode One

Join us for the inaugural first episode of the Blockdaemon Podcast. In this episode, we sit down with Amdax and discuss how Amdax & Blockdaemon simplify institutional Ethereum staking. We also cover liquid staking, rewards, and more.  

To unwrap Web3’s promises, we must break the barriers to blockchain adoption

“Web3 must include sound security and risk mitigation to ensure a firm foundation that will further accelerate institutional adoption, which in turn will fuel the adoption of Web 3.0 by the masses.” - Andrew Vranjes, Blockdaemon VP Sales & GM APAC

Web3 Needs Seamless Infrastructure to Drive Adoption

We at Blockdaemon predict that the future of Web3 will be built on a foundation of seamless user experience: seamless use, seamless monetization and seamless governance. Check out this blog by Blockdaemon’s Ethereum Ecosystem Lead, Freddy Zwanzger to see what the future of Web3 holds!

Blockdaemon Staking API Overview Video

Blockdaemon’s Staking API simplifies the staking process on Proof-of-Stake networks by providing a standardized, trusted API. This automation empowers institutions to start generating rewards faster and with more control.

The team continues to expand so check us out and apply!

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