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Sep 1, 2020

We Know Nodes.

"With Blockdaemon, we help companies and developers connect to blockchain networks in minutes with high-availability nodes on-premise or in a cloud they choose.” - Konstantin Richter, CEO, and Founder of Blockdaemon

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Protocol Releases & Customer Spotlights


Staking with Blockdaemon: the easiest way to view and access all of the staking networks we support with straightforward delegation instructions! Blockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider, and provides you with an easy way to get competitive yields on your staking investments while avoiding risk. Our experience running nodes on every major network has led us to develop market leading tooling to help reduce risk of downtime. Delegate to any of our validators and staking networks that we support:

We are always evaluating and adding additional protocols to work with. Check out the upcoming networks we are working with and will be supporting:

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Tezos addresses barriers facing blockchain adoption: smart contract safety, long-term upgradability, and open participation. We believe that Tezos will play a prominent part in bringing blockchain to the world in a meaningful way and we've built tooling to further advance the Tezos ecosystem.

Blockchain Package Manager (BPM) for Tezos: BPM provides tools and packages to run blockchain nodes on your own infrastructure using a unified simple command line interface to deploy, maintain, monitor, and upgrade nodes. With BPM, teams can deploy blockchain nodes anywhere, enabling easy management - including scripting and automation. Find out more in the BPM QuickStart guide to get a sense of how it works, or dive right into the CLI docs.

We’ve partnered with Blockstack to provide a seamless path to running a Stacks 2.0 node. Institutions, other corporate entities, or individuals that wish to participate in STX Mining and Stacking on the upcoming Stacks 2.0 network, but don’t want to manage their own infrastructure, can use Blockdaemon’s tools to spin up nodes easily, while benefiting from customer support and ongoing updates.

Specifically, we will be adding support for Stacks 2.0 through:

  • BPM package for Stacks 2.0: BPM is a “blockchain package manager” that allows easy installation, configuration and upgrades of different blockchain nodes.
  • Launch Stacks 2.0 nodes via Blockdaemon Marketplace: push-button deploys
  • Ubiquity support for Stacks 2.0: Ubiquity is a universal API to access blockchain data

SKALE Labs, the core team behind the SKALE Network, an open source elastic blockchain platform designed specifically for scaling Ethereum, today has announced over 40 integration partners and validators, in addition to the Dapps that joined the SKALE Innovator program and are currently building on the platform. This collection is one of the most significant ecosystem announcements as part of the network launch in recent years and signifies the importance and strength of the Ethereum Developer Ecosystem which SKALE is proud to be a part of. Contact us if you are interested in running your own validator node.

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center has launched their validator node with Blockdaemon on the Oasis Foundation platform. The Oasis Network is a privacy-first, proof-of-stake, decentralized network designed to give users back control and ownership of their data, while supporting new privacy-first applications. The FSBC believes in the value of the Oasis platform and supports it both for academic reasons as well as for sustainable governance. To maintain a good balance among the validators, the FSBC runs a node together with its partner Blockdaemon to act as an agent for token holders.

________________________________________________News and Events

FutureProof, a technical summit on Mining Innovation, Self-Sovereignty and Privacy, and ‘Doomsday’ Prep was held on August 22nd & 23rd. If you missed the talks, listen to the recording of our CEO, Konstantin Richter, sharing insights on "The Role Of Early Network Custodians (& Why Decentralization Matters)"


Interesting Reading & Listening

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