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Blockdaemon Announces Support for BSN Spartan Network

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May 23, 2024
Today, Blockdaemon announces support for the BSN Spartan Network, a public infrastructure network based on the open-source BSN Spartan data center software.

Today, Blockdaemon announces support for the BSN Spartan Network, a public infrastructure network based on the open-source BSN Spartan data center software. 

This follows Blockdaemon’s inclusion as a founding member of the Singapore-based BSN Foundation, announced in November 2023

Blockdaemon’s Strategy with BSN

Blockdaemon is strongly aligned with BSN Spartan Network’s mission, outlined in our November 2023 blog post

Today, Blockdaemon reaffirms its commitment to supporting the BSN Spartan Network. 

"The BSN Spartan network is poised to redefine decentralized public IT systems with an emphasis on non-cryptocurrency chains as foundational operating systems and pioneering enterprise solutions, including smart contracts and dApps, that transform business interactions and digital asset management across our scalable node deployments." - Andrew Vranjes, VP and General Manager, APAC, Blockdaemon

Going forward, Blockdaemon’s commitment to the BSN Spartan Network includes the following strategy: 

  1. Global Expansion: Blockdaemon’s strategy includes expanding its global footprint as part of the BSN Foundation, aiming to establish a new international standard for decentralized IT infrastructure.

  1. Decentralized Governance Contribution: As a founding member, Blockdaemon contributes to the decentralized governance model of the BSN Spartan Network, promoting a stable and accessible network for businesses worldwide.

  1. Blockchain Node Deployment Expertise: Blockdaemon’s specialization in institutional-grade blockchain node deployment and validating solutions aligns with the BSN Foundation’s mission, ensuring reliable and scalable blockchain networks

What’s Next for the BSN Spartan Network? 

Looking forward, here are some things to expect in the future for the BSN Spartan Network:

  1. Decentralized Public IT Systems: The BSN Spartan Network will likely continue its mission of advancing decentralized public IT systems, with a focus on non-cryptocurrency public chains as operation systems.

  1. Expansion and Collaboration: The BSN Spartan Network will expand its global presence and collaboration, as seen with the BSN Foundation’s international founding members, which could lead to a more robust and interconnected network.

  1. Innovation in Enterprise Solutions: The BSN Spatan Network’s future will involve innovative enterprise solutions like smart contracts and dApps, which can be deployed on the network’s nodes, potentially transforming business-to-business interactions and digital asset management.


Blockdaemon is proud to support the BSN Spartan Network, and is committed to its success as a founding member of the BSN Foundation.

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