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Blockdaemon and Wall Street Rides FAR for Autism Research

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Aug 15, 2022

Blockdaemon is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Wall Street Rides FAR initiative in support of The Autism Science Foundation (ASF).

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The Autism Science Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes. The Foundation's mission is to support autism research by providing funding to scientists and organizations conducting autism research.

Wall Street Rides FAR plays a significant role in supporting The Foundation. In 2019 alone they have raised, together with their partners, over a million dollars for autism research. This year's flagship event takes place on October 1st, 2022, in Westchester County, New York — where a group of avid cyclists, novice riders, walkers and more come together to support The Autism Science Foundation.

Why Blockdaemon Chose to Join Wall Street Rides FAR

Blockdaemon understands the importance of championing causes that matter. Additionally, while many other crypto companies support the cutting-edge research enabled by The Autism Science Foundation, Blockdaemon is closely connected to the cause. Melissa Moo Harkins, the Co-Founder of Rides FAR, joined the Blockdaemon team last year as Sales Director and has inspired her teammates to join the Rides FAR community. Moreover, apart from being motivated by Melissa's involvement with the cause, Rides FAR aligns with Blockdaemon's mission to partake in charitable events that contribute to the greater good.

"Participating in an event that supports a cause like The Autism Science Foundation is something everyone at Blockdaemon wants to do," said Mike McCoy, Senior Product Manager at Blockdaemon.

"We want to be part of mission-driven events that will help others in the community and give back to important initiatives – and Rides FAR meets that description."

Going the Extra Mile to Give Back to The Community

As a decentralized organization, Blockdaemon is always looking for opportunities to support cities where its global teams are based.

"We want to be part of mission-driven events that will help others in the community and give back to important initiatives – and Rides FAR meets that description," added McCoy. Blockdaemon's daily mission is to create services that grow the crypto and financial technology ecosystems. But we also care about our communities and the people that make Blockdaemon successful. "We are also a mission-driven company that wants to see people from all walks of life benefit. Blockdaemon cares about how it can positively impact the lives of others and leave its mark on our communities," said McCoy. During the era of remote work, Blockdaemon values the flexibility of Rides FAR to support The Autism Research Foundation. As for those who cannot attend in person to support, they can easily dial in remotely.  

Thank You, Wall Street Rides FAR!

At Blockdaemon, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to support The Autism Research Foundation together with Wall Street Rides FAR. In addition to facilitating ground-breaking scientific research, The Autism Science Foundation also provides many essential resources to autism families and their communities to educate people on the many misunderstandings surrounding autism spectrum disorder. The team at Blockdaemon truly understands how impactful it is to educate and have open dialogue on complex topics.

"Crypto is fairly young and new, and it is often met with misunderstanding and misinformation," added McCoy. "Similarly, The Autism Science Foundation strives to provide individuals with a better understanding of the complexities of autism. We feel that The ASF and Blockdaemon have similar goals in facilitating awareness of complex topics, making us even more enthusiastic about participating in Rides FAR." To learn more about Wall Street Rides FAR and their work for The Autism Science Foundation, visit their website.

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