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Blockdaemon Advanced MPC is Free of Published MPC Vulnerabilities

Apr 12, 2023
Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified and publicly disclosed about certain Threshold Signature Schemes used in many MPC wallets.

In recent days and weeks, multiple vulnerabilities have been identified and publicly disclosed about certain open source Threshold Signature Schemes used in many MPC wallets.

Blockdaemon’s cryptography team has reviewed all of the published vulnerabilities and confirmed that none of them apply to Blockdaemon’s MPC wallet implementations or wallets developed by licensing partners using Blockdaemon’s Advanced MPC™ Threshold Security Module (TSM).

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The identified vulnerabilities have been associated with specific implementations of GG18, GG20 and CGGMP21 algorithms (originating from the Gennaro and Goldfeder paper, defining a protocol that implements homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proofs). In other cases the vulnerability was introduced by an improper implementation, which lacked implementation of a mandatory Zero Knowledge Proof.

About Blockdaemon MPC

Blockdaemon’s MPC Wallets and Advanced MPC TSM technology are based on Blockdaemon’s proprietary MPC algorithms, developed by our core cryptography team. None of Blockdaemon’s MPC implementations incorporate the above noted open source algorithms or libraries associated with these vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Third Party Security Audits

Blockdaemon’s MPC algorithms and libraries have been under development and refinement since 2014, which was acquired by Blockdaemon in 2022. These algorithms and libraries have gone through multiple exhaustive reviews by highly respected and independent third party security experts, such as NCC Group and CryptoExperts, over a period of multiple years. Blockdaemon remains committed to providing the highest quality MPC technologies for security you can trust.


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