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Announcing Blockdaemon’s Support for zkSync

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Apr 24, 2024
Blockdaemon is pleased to announce the introduction of dedicated RPC Archival Nodes for zkSync's Mainnet and Testnet environments.

Today’s announcement is the beginning of Blockdaemon's role in providing robust blockchain infrastructure services for zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses zero-knowledge proofs (zk-proofs) to enable scalable, low-cost, and secure transactions on the Ethereum network.

Introducing Dedicated RPC Archival Nodes

Engineered for high availability, these nodes can be deployed across 5 continents and hosted on flexible cloud infrastructure, or optimized SOC-2 compliant and Tier-3 bare-metal infrastructure. 

"As the zkSync protocol develops, it unlocks a ton of new use cases that will help our industry grow; Blockdaemon is excited to be by their side and to provide one of the most reliable, scalable, and efficient RPC infrastructures to support that growth." - Gaetan Thabot, Head of Protocol & Foundation partnerships, Blockdaemon

"Decentralization is part of the core ethos shared across the entire zkSync ecosystem. An integral part of this process is having companies, like Blockdaemon, bring their offerings to the zkSync community and create new possibilities for what developers can build. Blockdaemon's support of zkSync will allow a wider group of users to easily support the zkSync network and enhance its stability, security, resilience, and transparency." - Omar Azhar, Head of Business Development at Matter Labs


For those interested in the zkSync protocol, Blockdaemon invites you to launch your Archival Node today. Our team stands ready to support you in accessing the protocol, and in delivering a streamlined, secure, and efficient RPC service.

Through the launch of dedicated RPC Archival Nodes for zkSync, we highlight our dedication to supporting developers and users by providing stable, secure, and industry-leading blockchain infrastructure. 

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