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Announcing Blockdaemon’s Staking & Node Support for ZetaChain

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Jan 31, 2024
Blockdaemon, a genesis validator, is proud to announce our support for ZetaChain.

As a genesis validator, Blockdaemon announces support for the mainnet launch of ZetaChain.

This collaboration highlights our commitment to ZetaChain, and also enhances our staking capabilities through a strategic partnership with BitGo, ensuring a robust, high-quality infrastructure for institutions.

Why Choose ZetaChain? 

ZetaChain stands out with its unique approach to blockchain. It supports interoperability and transactions across multiple chains. This opens new doors for dApps and odApps (omnichain dApps), making cross-chain interactions seamless. ZetaChain is an EVM-compatible L1 network that connects many blockchains, including Bitcoin. 

How to Stake ZetaChain with Ease

Our ZetaChain support offers two ways to stake: via BitGo or directly with Blockdaemon through a white-label validator. This flexibility, combined with BitGo's custodial support, makes staking on ZetaChain simple, performant, and secure. 

RPC Support: Connecting to ZetaChain

In addition to validator support, Blockdaemon supports dedicated nodes for Mainnet and Testnet.  Contact us to get access to RPC or RESTful endpoints, including nodes with websockets support. 


By embedding Blockdaemon's staking services within BitGo's custody solution, Blockdaemon seeks to provide a secure and seamless staking flow for institutional involvement in blockchain networks. This partnership aligns with Blockdaemon's goal of providing highly secure blockchain infrastructure, and BitGo's mission of ensuring safe asset custody, as well as a common broader objective of offering institutions a dependable and efficient entry point into ZetaChain staking.


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