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Announcing Amor Sexton as Blockdaemon’s Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Dec 7, 2023
Blockdaemon is excited to announce Amor Sexton as newly appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Blockdaemon is excited to announce Amor Sexton as newly appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In her previous roles as Blockdaemon’s General Manager (GM) Ireland, as well as Blockdaemon’s Head of International Operations, Amor set her sights on scaling Blockdaemon’s operations and accelerating Blockdaemon’s global staking business. 

As COO, Amor leverages her extensive experience from various continents and industries to strengthen Blockdaemon's leadership in the blockchain space. Her expertise across crypto, legal, commercial, and operational domains, will further propel Blockdaemon's growth and innovation.

Let's delve into Amor's unique background and career journey, as we welcome her to this leadership role. 

Amor’s Career Journey to COO

Amor is a highly accomplished leader, with a broad range of experience spanning from early stage start-ups to large regulated multinationals.

Her diverse background includes operations, strategy and commercialisation, marketing and communications, regulatory and legal, and the design and delivery of enterprise-grade products and solutions. 

As a practising lawyer in Australia, Amor helped launch a pioneering digital currency and blockchain legal practice in 2013. At this time, there was a gap in the market for blockchain related legal services and Amor built a team of local experts who helped companies navigate the complex intersection of ground-breaking nascent technology and long-established regulatory frameworks.

Amor was also a founding member of COALA, an international multidisciplinary research and development collaboration between academics, lawyers, technologists and entrepreneurs. Supported by MIT and Harvard, COALA sought to bring clarity and reduce legal uncertainty in the field of blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and decentralized autonomous organizations. 

After relocating to Ireland in 2015, Amor became Head of Blockchain for Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions Group where she led the ideation, validation, and launch of CitiConnect for Blockchain, an institutional banking initiative that tightly integrated Nasdaq’s blockchain technology with Citi's global payments network. 

Amor then went on to play a key role in Digital Transformation for BNP Paribas Securities Services, where she created and drove execution of a data and digital strategy that was focused on delivering a differentiated client experience. 

In her most recent role prior to Blockdaemon, Amor was Head of Operations, Ireland for Coinbase. In this role, she had overall responsibility for operations across the European trading and international custody businesses. 

Welcoming Amor as COO 

Leveraging her extensive expertise, Amor is uniquely positioned to drive further significant growth at Blockdaemon. 

Again, we welcome Amor to the role of COO. Her accomplishments are a testament to her years of diverse experience and skills in the blockchain industry. Blockdaemon is proud to have her on board as the new Chief Operating Officer. 

If you’re excited about blockchain and are interested in joining our team, why not check out our careers page? We are always looking for great people to join. 


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