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Algorand + Blockdaemon: The Next Evolution in Node Deployment and Monitoring

Product Updates
Sep 30, 2019

Blockdaemon is a long-time supporter and a firm believer in the potential of the Algorand blockchain and ecosystem.

From running participation & relay nodes during the early days of the pre launch testnet, to deploying and operating high performance nodes, Blockdaemon wanted to ensure a smooth MainNet launch for the Algorand network.

Our experience with the testnet allowed us to offer first-day staking capabilities and making the entry to the Algorand network as easy as possible. In the Blockdaemon Marketplace, we feature turnkey deploys of Relay and Participation nodes (both personal and professional), which have enabled investors and key supporters to launch nodes in minutes and run them incident free with 99.9%+ uptime.

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Nodes are available off the shelf and can be run across clouds in a variety of geographic regions to maximize decentralization on the network.Blockdaemon interoperates seamlessly with self-custody and third-party custody options, including cold storage and cold storage alternative solutions. No matter what your institutional needs and risk tolerance profiles are, you can stake easily on the Algorand network.

By direct integration with cold storage and alternative storage providers, Blockdaemon can ensure your participation in consensus is set up correctly and seamlessly. For self-custody users, we provide full control over the lifecycle of participating in consensus. Blockdaemon never stores your private spending keys, so you can rest easy knowing your keys are only in your hands. Advanced metrics and log data will be available to Algorand users via API integration or through our upcoming in-app analytics.

Analytics are available for all nodes -- dedicated cloud nodes, or self-hosted and on-prem nodes launched by BPM - the Blockchain Package Manager.

With the Blockdaemon BPM, you can count on reliable deployments and custom security while keeping cost in check. Blockdaemon creates and evaluates packages, ensuring the nodes start and sync, overcoming documentation and technical challenges that come along with early-stage  projects as well as more mature projects that need more transparency. Our BPM packages have monitoring and metric collection out of the box.

BPM was designed from the ground up with the assumption that Blockdaemon would never have access to nodes launched with BPM. To ensure true decentralization, Blockdaemon cannot connect directly to BPM nodes. The BPM nodes broadcast telemetry to Blockdaemon and recommendations and alerts can be pulled from Blockdaemon services.

We provide the flexibility to launch on-prem, in existing cloud accounts or on local machines while offering in-app monitoring and metrics with basic insights; metrics and logs can be forwarded to existing monitoring solutions as well.

Visit our Algorand Protocol Details page for more information on how you can connect to Algorand today!


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