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Welcoming Jeff Hasselman As Blockdaemon's New President

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Jul 10, 2023

Meet Jeff Hasselman, a visionary in the blockchain and crypto industry and Blockdaemon’s newly appointed President. In this role, Jeff will oversee Blockdaemon’s commercial functions and corporate strategy.  

Today, we’ll introduce Jeff, his skills, professional achievements, educational background, and expertise within Blockdaemon’s high-growth culture.

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Jeff’s Accolades Across Career & Education

Jeff's career spans across a wide range of areas, including cloud computing, tech banking/venture debt, trading, startups, and professional hockey.

Previously, Jeff was the Global Head Web3 at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In 2017, he founded AWS’ blockchain, crypto, and Web3 business building mechanisms leveraging Amazon’s powers to help customers across Web3’s various layers to redefine the internet creating a significant AWS business from scratch. As the Global Head of Web3 at AWS, Jeff has been instrumental in developing strategies that support cloud infrastructure, go-to-market, and overall visibility for Web3 BUIDLers globally. His leadership guided AWS to powering the majority of Web3.

He consistently evaluated new opportunities and made capital introductions to sector/stage/geo-appropriate venture funds for startups raising capital. His work has been essential in fundamentally changing the way businesses operate to better serve the needs of Web3. His curious nature to relentlessly learn and educate has earned him respect from his peers and a reputation as a true innovator in the Web3 realm.

With an MBA and BBA in Finance from University of Notre Dame, Jeff has a proven track record of success in his career. Prior to AWS, Jeff honed his skills providing growth capital term loans to venture-backed tech companies and helped startups extend runway while limiting dilution in various leadership positions, including Principal at Ares Management, Senior Vice President at Comerica Bank, and Vice President at MMV Financial. Jeff was also a pioneer of electronic futures trading as a derivatives trader. He started his career as the fourth employee of the first non-financial institution to deploy ATM machines that was later acquired by a publicly traded company.

Jeff’s Expertise in Blockdaemon

With a flight to quality and services, Blockdaemon has had 50% revenue growth in the first half of the year 2023, which made Blockdaemon highly appealing for Jeff to join.

Jeff's unique combination of skills and experience make him a valuable asset to Blockdaemon’s team, looking to navigate innovation and disruption in an ever-evolving landscape. Jeff’s thoughts on joining Blockdaemon are as follows, “I am ecstatic to join this world-class team led by Konstanin and the trusted foundation it has established. During my tenure at AWS I had the privilege of educating global enterprises on the potential of Web3 strategies, witnessing a transformative inflection point. Blockdaemon is poised to accelerate its leadership in node management and staking while revolutionizing the wallet experience to unlock economic opportunities for our customers by leveraging blockchain technology.”

As an intrapreneur who sees around corners, Jeff has the philosophy that if you see a blank page, be the author not the reader. He is always looking to think big by expanding comfort zones. Jeff is a “risk-taker who understands the odds”, a student of startups, and a proven leader who thrives in high-performance environments, such as Blockdaemon’s. His passion for blockchain and crypto commenced in December 2013 when he read the Bitcoin White Paper igniting his curious nature to learn and build his network. Jeff’s expert domain knowledge, coupled with his extensive experience in tech banking/venture debt, trading, and startups, make him an invaluable asset to the Blockdaemon team.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeff enjoys attending global sporting events, playing golf, and horse racing. In addition to his impressive accomplishments, Jeff is also dedicated to his community. He is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, where he mentors, coaches, and judges teams in the McCloskey Business Competition. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two kids.

Blockdaemon Welcomes Jeff Hasselman!

In conclusion, Jeff Hasselman is a forward-thinking leader who is paving the way for the next generation of Web3 innovators.

His relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering dedication to his craft make him a valuable member of any team, and we’re excited to watch him lead the charge and redefine the future of the internet, here at Blockdaemon.

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