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Ubiquity NFT API - Now Open for Public Beta

Product Updates
Jun 21, 2022

Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity NFT API is now availablefor public beta access. This is now available for use through Ubiquity, via the Blockdaemon app. Simply connect to Ubiquity as you would normally to access a wealth of NFT data. We now welcome any developer who would like to use Blockdaemon’s highly advanced, performant NFT API for their own initiative. Blockdaemon’s engineers built this API service to connect institutions and devs to both on and off-chain Ethereum NFT data, with one single integration. We now open this service to the wider dev community as a next phase in its evolution.  With this new milestone we hope to further our goal of offering the highest-quality access to reliable, accurate Ethereum NFT data on the market.

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What’s New with Ubiquity NFT API Public Beta?

From March to June 2022, our NFT API operated in private beta only. In this closed environment, Blockdaemon engineers collected valuable feedback from a strong core of expert developers. This feedback formed the basis for a new set of API updates. We are excited to roll out these upgrades in tandem with the public beta launch. These updates include:

  • Two New Endpoints

We have added two new endpoints for developers to use. These endpoints allow users to retrieve an NFT asset or event by ID.

  • Cleaner Responses

The API endpoints for retrieving lists of assets, events and collections now return cleaner responses, with less information. This is designed to make the user experience more effective.

  • Three New Tutorials

To help educate developers, we’ve created three new NFT tutorials. These include:

Start Now with Public Beta Access

Public beta is the next step in the Ubiquity NFT API’s journey. To keep track of developments, be sure to check what’s coming soon.  We hope that now, an even wider developer cohort can begin to benefit from our innovative offering. We are confident that it will be a valuable proving ground for further iterations and improvements, as our engineers stride towards building the most complete NFT API on the market. If you’d like to take part in our public beta, log into to get started!

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