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Ubiquity High Performance Ethereum NFT API Now Generally Available - Sep 2022

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Sep 29, 2022

Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity NFT API has successfully completed beta, and is fully available for general use. This milestone allows anyone, from solo developers to financial institutions, seamless access to both on and off chain Ethereum NFT data. Try the Ubiquity NFT API for free today within the Blockdaemon app.In the meantime, read on to learn more about the wealth of benefits offered by this newest release.  

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Why Institutions Should Use The Ubiquity NFT API

The Ubiquity NFT API is built on Blockdaemon’s robust and scalable architecture. It is an institutional-grade offering that major businesses rely on.An API is an essential part of a developer’s toolkit, as it gives projects on-demand access to data from sources external to their application. With Ubiquity, NFT data can be leveraged to build

  • Web3 apps
  • NFT marketplaces
  • NFT portfolios
  • NFT support for wallets
  • and much more

The number of NFTs minted and use cases in the market are increasing exponentially, and that growth shows no sign of slowing. However, NFT information can be fragmented and difficult to access - there are on-chain and off-chain components.

You Can Instantly Access Massive Amounts of Data

NFT data and standards also vary across platforms. This makes it difficult to access NFT data in a user-friendly way. Blockdaemon has abstracted away the complexity of accessing NFT data. This greatly simplifies access to NFT data. Our NFT API supports:

  • Near Real Time indexing of collections
  • ERC721, ERC1155 token types, including bespoke formats like Cryptopunks and more
  • On-chain NFT data with corresponding off-chain metadata and media
  • Historical sales of NFTs from genesis
  • Realtime and historical events (mints, transfers, sales)

Our robust NFT Data sets include:

  • 100,000+ collections
  • 100,000+ contracts
  • 95+ million tokens
  • 165+ million events
  • 600+ events processed per minute

For a full list of benefits, check out our 5 Reasons to use the Ubiquity NFT API.

The API is Jam Packed With New Features

Blockdaemon has been busy building and we are excited to announce that the NFT API is now Generally Available. Here is what is new:

  • A new token refresh endpoint to refresh missing/outdated data for an asset
  • Historical sales with pricing data added to the events endpoint
  • Support for burnable tokens with the burn status
  • Support for Art Blocks
  • Support for new media types like animations and videos
  • Production-grade performance - we increased performance capabilities by 50X!

Multi-Protocol Support Coming Soon

Ethereum is just the beginning. Soon the NFT API will provide a single interface for NFT data across multiple  blockchains.

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How to Access Ethereum NFT Data?

You can easily access Ethereum NFT data through Ubiquity in the Blockdaemon app. Ubiquity’s NFT API connects you to NFT data through three pricing tiers:

  • Free
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

Blockdaemon’s engineers have created a world-class API offering, with fair usage and transparent pricing at its core.  

Wrap Up

From March to September 2022, this NFT API operated in beta only. Blockdaemon engineers collected valuable feedback from a strong core of expert developers. This feedback formed the basis for a new set of API updates.

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