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Blockdaemon’s New Chief Revenue Officer Geoff Clauss

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Mar 30, 2022

Blockdaemon welcomes Geoff Clauss to the role of Chief Revenue Officer!

Geoff brings more than two decades of experience in sales leadership to Blockdaemon. He has previously worked at Anchorage Digital, Addepar, and Advent (now SS&C) to drive revenue growth. Now, Geoff brings his wealth of knowledge in fintech and crypto to help scale Blockdaemon even further. Today, we celebrate Geoff’s addition to Team Blockdaemon, and take this opportunity to share some of his career journey and motivations for joining.Without further ado…

Geoff’s Career Journey

With a career trajectory spanning the realms of finance and technology, Geoff is uniquely positioned to spearhead revenue growth in his new position as Chief Revenue Officer here in Blockdaemon. Geoff began his career in tech with Advent (now SS&C), where he spent 15 years building trading networks, selling, and managing finance & sales teams.

During his time with Advent, he also contributed to an important strategic acquisition, opening the company up to the wealth management space.Geoff also has deep experience in legacy financial infrastructure services. This exposure comes by way of seven years overseeing sales in Addepar, as Vice President and Director. Addepar is an infrastructure platform for wealth management, specializing in data aggregation, analytics, and performance reporting. During this time, Addepar’s number of clients and revenue grew 10x and 35x, respectively. Currently, $3T of assets are managed on Addepar across +25 markets.By selling the infrastructure which empowers institutions with access to reliable financial data, Geoff is ready to help more institutions unlock quality data with Blockdaemon. Geoff’s skills will help companies tap into a wealth of blockchain and Ethereum NFT data using Blockdaemon’s very own Ubiquity API suite.

Geoff recognizes the immediate opportunity to boost the institutional adoption of Blockdaemon’s world-class API offering, as we continue to sell the benefits of the entire Blockdaemon platform.

Today, Geoff enters his new role with the strong forward momentum he has built as Anchorage’s Head of Sales, a highly advanced custodial platform for institutional crypto investors. In his tenure with the company, Geoff championed Anchorage’s full suite of crypto-native services for institutional investors. This drove growth and institutional onboarding onto the Anchorage platform.In this role, Geoff’s sales efforts catered to all types of institutional investors, from funds to family offices, to leverage Anchorage’s gold-standard security and engineering excellence.

With Blockdaemon’s mission being to connect institutions to blockchains, Geoff’s experience driving sales for a crypto-native custodian is extremely valuable, as we continue to onboard financial institutions at scale and at pace.

Anchorage is also a Blockdaemon Preferred Custodian, providing safe and reliable staking access to crypto-assets such as Tezos, using our industry-leading staking-as-a-service offering. From driving sales in one of the leading crypto custodians, Geoff is now ready to accelerate the growth of Blockdaemon’s staking-as-a-service portfolio across an entire spectrum of financial institutions.

With all of this in mind, let’s turn to why Geoff joined Team Blockdaemon.

Why Geoff Joined Blockdaemon

From decades of experience in many fields of finance, Geoff clearly sees how the arc of progress now bends towards a decentralized financial future built with blockchain. Blockdaemon, Geoff believes, stands poised at the cutting edge of progress towards this future. Initially recognizing the potential applications for smart contracts in legacy industries such as real estate, his fascination for the technology grew with the seemingly endless opportunities for innovation that lay ahead. These opportunities, according to Geoff, require a solid foundation of reliable blockchain infrastructure. Geoff recognizes that the infrastructure created by Blockdaemon’s team is ready to support these use cases, with industry-leading node, staking, and API services.  

Geoff also has experience in multiple fast-growing start-ups. As Blockdaemon continues to scale, he will bring to bear the creativity, organization, and endurance developed over many years of experience in hyper-growth environments. With success comes evolution, and Geoff hopes to share the lessons and skills he has acquired during his storied career as Blockdaemon enters new phases of growth. Geoff’s deep understanding of the blockchain landscape and how Blockdaemon is leading the way is a testament to why he has joined the team.

Welcome, Geoff!

Again, we welcome Geoff to Team Blockdaemon. His accomplishments are a credit to his depth of experience and skills in the area of finance. We are excited to have him on board as our new Chief Revenue Officer.

If you’re excited about blockchain and are interested in joining our team, why not check out our careers page? We are always looking for great people to join.