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How Blockdaemon Partners with Komainu, a Preferred Custodian

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Mar 10, 2022

Blockdaemon is proud to partner with Komainu, an institutional-grade digital asset custodian created by institutions  for institutions. Today, Komainu provides institutions access to staking services in a secure and regulated manner.

Through the Komainu Yield platform, institutions who custody assets with Komainu will be able to utilize Blockdaemon’s robust blockchain staking infrastructure.Komainu was established in 2018 as a joint venture between investment bank Nomura, digital asset manager CoinShares and digital asset security company Ledger.  CoinShares selected Blockdaemon to build staking into its market infrastructure and trading footprint.

Launched in June 2020, Komainu fills a gap in the marketplace by providing asset managers, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies with secure and compliant custody services for digital assets. The company recently announced Komainu Yield, a platform that gives institutions the ability to earn yield on assets held in custody. Komainu Yield offers staking services for several leading digital asset protocols.

The company will expand asset support throughout 2022, to become the leading custodial staking provider for institutions.In this post, we’ll explore how Blockdaemon’s market-leading offerings complement the strength of Komainu’s premium custody solutions.

Supporting Komainu’s Custodial Staking Infrastructure

The flow of funds across proof-of-stake blockchains relies on high-quality validator nodes, so that ecosystem participants can stake the native token. By ensuring that high-quality nodes are used, the issues around reliability, uptime, and security are significantly mitigated. Quality nodes optimize the returns earned on each network, in the form of staking rewards. Blockdaemon’s industry-leading validator nodes deliver all of this and more for Komainu.

As a non-custodial entity, Blockdaemon never holds funds on behalf of a custodian. Komainu always retains full control over their clients’ funds, ensuring the same best-in-class assurance that their clients rely on for custody. By combining these approaches, Komainu preserves their clients’ entire crypto holdings while drawing on Blockdaemon’s engineering and infrastructure expertise.

Blockdaemon, Proud to Work with Komainu

Blockdaemon is proud to support Komainu, the trusted and tested gateway for institutional crypto access. We look forward to continuing our support of Komainu long into the future. For more information on our preferred custodians, or to read our custodian case studies, discover our dedicated preferred custodians page.


Komainu was established in 2018 as a joint venture between the investment bank Nomura, digital asset manager, CoinShares and digital asset security company, Ledger. Launched in June 2020 Komainu is providing decentralized and secure digital asset custody through a single application-based solution for institutions, offering multi-asset support, regulatory compliance and insurance and provides a best-in-class solution for clients to gain and secure exposure to digital assets. Komainu currently secures assets for investment managers, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies.

The company recently announced an expansion of its services, namely Komainu Yield. This provides institutions with the ability to earn yield through staking their assets, whilst continuing to be held securely in custody. The service offering covers several leading digital asset protocols and Komainu will increase the coverage throughout 2022 to become a leading custodial staking provider for institutions.

Komainu is pleased to be working with Blockdaemon for its Komainu Yield product offering. In line with its client’s demand for yield generation, Komainu has partnered with BD as a staking node provider to leverage its infrastructure and expertise, as a high-quality blockchain validator.